Turn Grief into Happiness

Even sad things are important. Sometimes when a loved one passes away you seem to look at everything that you didn’t see when you weren’t sad. It’s not sadness it’s grief. In the tv show Greys Anatomy Meredith loses her husband and her friend starts dating the girl that couldn’t save her husband’s life.(derek)She knew it was the right thing to let her work at the hospital because if she didn’t it would make her look like she was immature and not worthy.

In the movie In Time he loses his mom because she didn’t have enough time on her wrist to ride the bus so she had to walk instead of getting a ride, he knew that she wasn’t on the bus. They made eye contact and she was running but didn’t make it in time for her to get time from him and then he used the grief that he had instead of sitting around he used it to make his life better and make it to where he could live without her and could function on his own.When i was younger i lost my great grandad from him killing himself. I knew something was up when my mom didn’t come home from grocery shopping. She had told me that he had killed himself. I was young at the time and he wasn’t really around enough for me to actually know what type of person he was so i helped my mom turn her grief into happiness because when you lose someone its important to know that they are still in your heart.

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I wonder why people do that to themselves?Things can be tough and things can get hard but why do that. When you feel that way about something they should talk to somebody and get help. Cause you and turn that into happiness