Event Proposal

1. Introduction The University of East London, in order to address the concern over health and fitness of the students, is to host a one-day event featuring Jamie Oliver who will be called to demonstrate a healthy eating lifestyle for the students. The event idea, activities involved, marketing plan, financial plan, human resources plan, timeline of activities, and implementation have been thoroughly discussed in the proposal followed by the discussion of the event management principles (see the appendix) that have been applied in the event design.

The audience of this proposal is the university’s board that would approve the event proposal. 2. Basic Event Details, Proposed Idea for the Event and its Justification 2.1 Title of the Event The event is to be called “Healthy Eating – Fun Cooking with Jamie Oliver.” 2.

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2 Venue, Date and Time The event is to be held in the open area within the University of East London on its Stratford campus. It will be held 8th March 2012 in the afternoon. 2.3 The Idea Jamie Oliver will come to the University of East London to spend a day with the undergraduate students and evoke a culture of healthy food consumption. He will lecture the students on the requirements for a healthy lifestyle and the meals they can consume to ensure they remain healthy, sporty, and athletic in the time of London 2012 Olympics, where enthusiasm amongst youngsters and interest in sports and athletics is soaring high.

2.4 Justification The following strong points support the event proposal. Undergraduate students are heavily involved in the consumption of junk food that makes them lazy and cause various health problems. This ultimately affects their studies as well, as their abilities to perform effectively in sports in the university. Jamie Oliver is an internationally acclaimed chef who has acquired fame across Europe and US owing to his exceptional cooking skills, creativity, and culinary innovations.

An impressive amount of airtime has allowed him to capture the attention of various individuals and families as well as companies that sponsor him to promote their brands with his name. Jamie Oliver’s meeting with the students directly under the platform of the university will allow the students to recognize the need for healthy food consumption and learn how they could do so with the resources available. Jamie Oliver has been actively involved in social campaigns to promote healthy eating lifestyles and reduce obesity. Jamie Oliver maintains active involvement in youth-related activities and is highly famous amongst youngsters. The event would increase awareness amongst the students about the healthy food options and gym facilities of the university, allowing the students to stay in shape and fit.

3. Marketing Plan 3.1 Objectives The objectives of the event are: To encourage the students to take up healthy eating habits; To conduct a social marketing campaign to save the students from the rising levels of obesity; To encourage maximum participation in the event by students from various departments of the university; To increase university gym memberships, that will aid in revenue for the university. 3.2 Strategy The marketing strategy for the event is geared with social marketing tactics.

Sponsorship marketing is relied on covering the costs of food to be prepared and used for cooking demonstration and competition, serving the food to guests and students, and making arrangements for the audience. It is a social event that would create a healthy public image of the university with regard to care for students’ health. 3.3 Target Audience The target audience comprises undergraduate students from all departments of University of East London, Stratford campus. Table 1, shown below, presents details of the target audience.

3.4 Event Idea and Concept Jamie Oliver will come to the University of East London to spend a day with the undergraduate students and promulgate a culture of healthy food consumption. The one-day event will involve a series of activities. It will comprise a lecture on the need for healthy eating for undergraduate students, especially the athletes in respect of the present Olympic Games being held in London. This will be followed by a cooking demonstration by Jamie Oliver and his team on three basic food recipes that students can prepare for themselves.

The cooking competition will be held between two teams drawn from within the university. Jamie Oliver will be the judge and will award prizes to the students that take part in the competition based on his judgment. 3.5 Event Attractions The success of the event depends upon the student participation, Jamie Oliver himself, and the sponsors. The event offers various attractions for each of the stakeholders involved in the marketing of the event. 3.

5.1 Attractions for the Students The following will be the key attractions of the event for the students: They will get the opportunity to meet a celebrity They will be exposed to a source of inspiration They will have an opportunity to win a prize that would prove useful to them in keeping fit in between their studies. The prize is a yearly membership at the new gym the university is building at Docklands campus for the winning team. The event will serve as an extra-curricular activity for the students. The event will be attractive for Jamie Oliver as it will provide him with the opportunity to associate himself with the university students. This is something that he has not yet done.

It will be a unique activity that focuses on health concerns. This is related with his series of activities involving the promotion of a healthy eating lifestyle. The event will further strengthen Oliver’s image as a social celebrity. 3.5.2 Attractions for Jamie Oliver 3.

5.3 Attractions for the Sponsors The following attractions exist for the sponsors: The event will serve as a CSR initiative that would improve the company’s public image. The event will serve as a platform to promote the brand image and drive retail sales of the brand. The event will serve as a channel to advertise the brand. 3.5.

4 Attractions for the University The following attractions exist for the university that will host the event: The event will directly impact the public image of the university. The event adds to a social benefit relating to health that will ultimately produce a positive impact upon the public view of the university and the prospective and existing students’ perception of the university. The gym and fitness facilities as well as food options available within the university will gain more exposure. Gym memberships will increase. 3.

6 Event Details The event will comprise five main activities. 3.6.1 Lecture The opening of the event will involve an introduction by Jamie Oliver who will then conduct an introductory lecture. The lecture will cover the following points: The need to eat healthy food for students. How eating healthy affects academic and athletic performance.

How students can discover for themselves quick and easy healthy food recipes. 3.6.2 Cooking Demonstration Jamie Oliver will cook three recipes with complete explanation and tutorials for the students. The three recipes will include one appetizer, one main dish, and one dessert. 3.

6.3 Cooking Competition between Departments The chief guest will conduct a cooking competition followed by the cooking demonstration. The competition will be held between two teams. The selection of students into the team will not be confined to departments. Students will be registered for the teams prior to the event, as based on their interests and skills in cooking. Volunteers working for the event will determine the students who will take part in the competition.

The competition will involve cooking of three dishes in the categories demonstrated by Jamie Oliver and that make use of healthy ingredients, as discussed by Jamie Oliver in his lecture. Jamie Oliver will be the judge of the dishes and determine the winning team. 3.6.4 Closing Ceremony The closing ceremony will involve a final word by Jamie Oliver, prize distribution for the winning teams, the award of certificates and shield to Jamie Oliver and his team as well as the team of volunteers who would work for the event. The prize is a yearly membership at the new gym the university is building at Docklands campus for the winning team.

The event will be closed with a vote of thanks that the volunteers will give to Jamie Oliver on behalf of the student body and the university. 3.6.5 Serving of Refreshments Jamie Oliver, guests from the sponsoring company, and students and staff participating in the event will be served refreshments. The refreshments will comprise the dishes prepared from the ingredients marketed by the sponsoring company. 3.

7 Event Layout The layout of the event comprises six key areas. 3.7.1 Lecture and Demonstration Area This is where Jamie Oliver will deliver his lecture and cooking demonstration.3.7.

2 Competition Area This is where the competition will be held. 3.7.3 Audience Area This is to be located in front of the lecture and demonstration area and the competition area, where the students will stand and view the demonstrations. 3.

7.4 Seating Area Staff and other guests will be seated opposite to the audience area, and also in front of the demonstration areas. 3.7.5 Refreshments Areas for Guests and Staff The refreshment areas will be divided into sections for guests and students.

These will be adjacent but at a distance from the main event area. 3.8 Charges The students will be charged 5 pounds per person for the entry to the event. 3.9 Promotional Campaign The following promotional tools will be used. 3.

9.1 Within Campus All promotional activities will take place within the campus, as the target audience comprises the undergraduate students of the university. 3.9.2 Word-to-word Word-to-word marketing will be used to generate popularity of the event.

3.9.3 Posters Posters will be designed in the way that will invite students to attend the event with complete details on the venue, date, time, and attractions. The posters will direct the students to the registration booths set up by the volunteers to distribute passes for the event. 3.

9.4 Social Marketing Online Online channels of social networking websites will be used to support the word-of-mouth and buzz marketing for the event. Online magazines will be invited to cover the event. 3.9.5 Print Media and Digital Local news reporters of print and online magazines will be invited to take pictures and report from the event.

3.10 Sponsorship Marketing Two sponsors will fund the event: Lurpak Butter and the university’s fitness clubs and gym. Lurpak Butter is a strong prospective sponsor as it currently sponsors various Jamie Oliver’s television programmes and cooking shows. The sponsors will be charged with covering the expenses relating to seating arrangement as well as the cost of food to be used in the demonstration and refreshments. The sponsor will be asked to cover the cost of the food and seating arrangement in return for their brand exposure through posters, event representation, and logo placement in all in-campus and online marketing activities. 4.

Event Budget Table 2 describes the major costs involved in the activity. Total expenses for the event stand at ?2340 which will be covered through sponsorships from the university, private entities, and selling of the passes. 5. Human Resources Plan The events committee of the university will be responsible for planning, managing, and executing the event. The committee is comprised of 20 individuals. The committee will be sub-divided into five teams of four people each to manage: (1) catering and refreshments, (2) media, (3) advertising and promotion, (4) sponsorship marketing and (5) crowd control.

6. Processes and Implementation The following activities will be involved in the execution of the event. 6.1 Activities Prior to the Event Event planning and design Design of sponsorship marketing proposal Design of proposal for Jamie Oliver Invitation for Jamie Oliver and meeting to encourage his participation Sponsorship marketing Design of the posters and advertising material for the event Press conference to gain media attention Aggressive social marketing on the online channel as well as word-to-mouth info Setup of registration booths for students Order of food supplies for the cooking demonstration in consultation with Jamie Oliver’s team Hiring of caterers for the refreshments for guests and students Coordination with Jamie Oliver and the sponsors throughout the preparation stages Invitation for guests Invitation for media Layout design of the event Seating arrangement Final setup and decoration Entry of students based on the possession of passes. The records will be kept by the volunteers at the entry booth. On-site administration by the volunteers to place students in the audience area and guests in the seating area.

Crowd control Sound and lighting Introduction and lecture by Jamie Oliver Demonstration by Jamie Oliver Cooking competition Prize distribution and closing ceremony Serving of refreshments Constant coordination with media to make sure the event is covered sufficiently, as per the requirements of the sponsors Jamie Oliver with his team and guests will be directed towards the exit. Students will be directed towards exit back to their departments. Coordination will be kept with Jamie Oliver to seek his feedback on the event. Social marketing will be continued online to provide feedback to the students and the university regarding the success of the event. Coordination with the media to make sure the pictures and videos of the event are published in the due time.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded immediately for the students and the university. Picture and videos will be popularized online to support the promise to the sponsors and Jamie Oliver to boost their public images. The event report detailing the plan, management and organization, coordination and execution will be prepared and provided to the university. 6.2 Activities during the Event 6.3 Post-Event Activities 7.

Conclusion The purpose of the event is to encourage students to be healthy and active, that ultimately promotes the image of the university as being actively involved in taking care of its students. The event is likely to generate social benefits for the university and the student body. The event is expected to meet the targets of student, sponsor, and media participation that would ensure that the university does not have to incur heavy costs to support the event.