Explanation of three types Examples

Explain the concept of defense mechanism in detail. [Explanation Forms of frustration] 3. Discuss Trait theory and its relevance in consumer behavior. [Explanation of trait Theory Types of personality traits] 4. “A number of factors influence individuals that may distort their perceptions”.

Is it true? Comment. [Explanation of factors that distort individual perception] 5. Explain the different components of learning. [Explanation] 6.

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Write short notes on: a) The Adoption Process ) Post-purchase Behavior of a consumer [a) meaning and Barriers b) Meaning and example] Or Mail us at MUKLUK- Retail Marketing 1 .

Define Private Branding. Explain the growth drivers of private label in detail [Explanation of Private Branding Growth drivers of private label] 2. Describe the Retail Buying Process in brief. [Definition of retailing Explanation of retail buying process] 3. Explain the Retail Merchandising Management (ARM) in brief. [Definition of Retail Merchandising Steps involved in ARM] 4.

Define e-tailing.

Explain the future of electronic retailing. Definition of e-tailing Future of e-tailing] 5. Price is a highly sensitive and visible part of retail marketing mix. Retailer’s overall profitability depends on Pricing. It plays an important role in strategic decision making process.

Explain various pricing strategies are adapted by the retailer according to the situation. [Explanation of pricing in Retail 6. Describe any three Rural retail strategies in brief. [Definition of Rural retail Any three Rural retail strategies] MOCK 3-Marketing Research 1. Describe the components of research proposal.


There are certain advantages and drawbacks of secondary data. Elaborate. [Explanation of advantages of secondary data Explanation of drawbacks of secondary data] 3. “The questionnaire format changes depending upon the amount of structure and disguise required during data collection”.

Comment [Explanation of questionnaire format Explanation of question composition] 4. Explain non comparative scales and its types [Explanation of the meaning Explanation of types] 5. Explain the process of data preparation in detail. A) Copy testing b) Sales Analysis [a) Meaning with example b) Meaning and Benefits]