Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are like the cement that a student’s path to success is built with. They serve as a hard surface for students to find their way on.

They let students know which direction they should go in life. They help students learn which way is the right way. They even help students move on to other paths. Extracurricular activities are important to students and they should not be cut. One of the reasons that extracurricular activities are important to students and should not be cut is because they help students find and develop their interests.

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For example, a student may be a very talented artist, but they do not have a clue what to do about their talent. So, by joining an art club they have the ability to learn more about their talent and even get advice on what steps to take to make their talent the best that it can be. Additionally, by finding and developing this interest students may become aware that this interest is more of a passion. This may lead to them pursuing a career in a field that relates to their club. Therefore, clubs can help students find and develop their interests.

Another reason that extracurricular activities are important to students and should not be cut is because they teach students a variety of lessons. One lesson that the activities teach is how to be responsible. This lesson is taught when students have to find a way to and from the activity, be an active member in their club or sport while maintaining their grades, and when students have to organize and participate in events that are supporting their club or sport. Another lesson that is taught is how to work as a team. The undeniable example of this would be sports. In sports, the members have to work together to score points and win for their team.

If one student refuses to pass the ball or not be a team player, the team is most likely not going to be able to function properly. So in order to win the game, the whole team has to be responsible and work together. One might say that both of these lessons should be taught by parents and loved ones of the child, and they would be right. However many students do not get the attention and care they should from their parents or loved ones and therefore rely on a place like their club or sport to teach them these lessons. One more reason that extracurricular activities are important to students and should not be cut is because extracurricular activities help students get into schools to further their education.

This is because a great deal of colleges consider a student’s extracurricular activities when considering them for admittance to their school. They do this because a student’s extracurricular activities are telling the college that they can work well with others, handle more than one task at a time, be responsible, and that the student is well rounded. Also, some extracurricular activities, such as sports, help students get accepted into schools or get scholarships by showing colleges how skilled the student is. For example, when a student is on a sports team the school they attend will normally have scouts from colleges come watch their players play. This introduces the scouts to the students and lets the college scout decide if the student is skilled enough to be on their college’s team. If they decided that the student is skilled enough, then the college will most likely offer them a scholarship or accept the student into their school.

As a result, the student gets accepted into the college due to their school’s extracurricular activities. In conclusion, extracurricular activities are important to students and should not be cut. This is true for multiple reasons. One reason is that extracurricular activities help students learn about their interests and gives them a chance to develop them. This can be done by a student joining a club or sport and may eventually lead the student down a path concerning the subject of that activity. Another reason is that they help students learn multiple lessons.

These lessons include responsibility and team work. One more reason is that extracurricular activities allow students to show colleges and other schools their abilities and interests. This may lead to helping the students becoming accepted into a college or school. So, it is clear that extracurricular activities are important to students in many ways and act as the cement that is used to build their path to success.