Facebook Case Studies

Perhaps there is no reason in talking about the popularity of Facebook among ordinary users around the world.

The most global social network has not only united all people who have the Internet on one site but also being one of the most successful companies of all times, gave other companies the opportunity to become no less successful. Facebook marketing case study can easily prove it.

What Makes Facebook Special?

The answer is simple, and it is a unique advertising opportunity. This site gives not only the opportunity to simply show your suggestions to users and interact with them, but also to configure the narrowest target audience. Advertising campaigns that Facebook offers to customize to organizations of any level and direction of activity are comparable only with Google Adwords by their thinking, reasonableness, and breadth of opportunities and even this is a contentious question which resource is better to use. Moreover, this social media gave Instagram to the business. This visual social network began as a means of sharing photos, and today it is a real business environment, and it is used by every entrepreneur whose activities are even least related to the graphic and visual presentation of information.

Who Has Succeeded on This Network?

Facebook advertising case studies show that the history of each company that has reached a new level of communication with customers and a new level of sales with the help of this social network is unique. It makes sense to see what strategies were used by the most successful enterprises.

Tree Hut

This company was able to succeed due to a reasonable combination of service Shopify and Facebook advertising. They have integrated Pixel with Shopify opportunities, and this allowed them to stay in touch with their target audience and return users to the website. In other words, they used a remarketing strategy by choosing a rather complicated way; however, it brought them real results.

Little Trendsetter

The first thing that determined the success of this company selling children’s clothing is correctly configured roughcasting. Here, this task was more than simple.

It was enough for them to concentrate their advertising on young women who have children and who follow fashion. It was an elementary roughcasting by age, marital status, and interests. The conclusion is obvious. The quality and beautiful goods are shown to the right person at the right time and in the right place will be sold. In addition, they used advertising with the ring gallery, which allowed them to show all the goods their potential customers already viewed in order.

Wanderer Bracelets

Facebook Case StudyThis company chose the method of video advertising. Its main task was to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Since they already had a certain base of buyers on the site and on Facebook, they set up their advertising for a similar audience. Moreover, they did not limit their advertising only to the site and the social network and moved to Instagram where they also could find potential buyers.

Facebook syndication case study allows drawing a conclusion that this social network offers very wide opportunities for promotion and each company can find here the optimal solution.

Why Is It Worth to Choose Facebook Ads?

  • It is cheap. Depending on the industry and the level of competition, the cost of a click on Google AdWords can be tens of dollars and thousands of rubles. Against this background, the prices for Facebook ads will seem like a New Year’s sale. The average cost per click on the Google Display Network is $ 0.35.

    The average cost of a click on Facebook is $ 0.24. The difference exceeds 30%.

  • The audience likes this network. For the most part, this social network unites successful and prosperous people who are already accustomed to looking for products, services and the right people with it.

  • Users spend a lot of time on here. The average Facebook user spends 21 minutes a day on the site. The average adult user is delayed here for 36 minutes. Duration of the session is one of the indicators of audience involvement.
  • Thin settings for roughcasting.

    The system of roughcasting the audience by demographic characteristics surpasses the search engine roughcasting systems by setting options. Facebook suggests roughcasting audiences for more than 150 criteria. It also bypassed the search engines in the possibilities of roughcasting the audience by interests. In addition, it allows roughcasting audience based on behavioral preferences.

  • Cheap and effective remarketing.

    Search engines allow advertisers to use remarketing. Facebook gives customers the same opportunity. Moreover, the system of remarketing here is more efficient and cheaper. Thin roughcasting allows you to show ads to the right audience. And the low cost of a click ensures the financial effectiveness of Facebook remarketing.

  • Demonstration of ads to email subscribers. One can create an individual audience and show ads to it. For example, it allows showing ads to Email-subscribers or customers who provided a company with phone numbers.