Facilities Planning

Institute of Business &Management Assignment 1 Course: Facilities PlanningSemester: Fall 2010 Submission: by December 11, 2010Total Marks: 15 1. Evaluate the facilities plan for your campus and list potential changes you would consider if you were asked to re-plan the campus. Why would you consider these? [Marks 5] 2.

Develop a list of strategic issues that must be addressed in performing facilities planning for . An airport b. A bank c. A library d. A soft drink bottler and distributor e. An automobile dealership [Marks 5] 3.

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List down the benefits of using manufacturing cells. Which modern manufacturing approaches are usually employed in conjunction with manufacturing cells? [Marks 5] Q 2. Develop a list of strategic issues that must be addressed in performing facilities planning for a. An airport b. A bank c.

A library d. A soft drink bottler and distributor e. An automobile dealership STRATEGIC ISSUES IN PERFORMING FACILITIES PLANNING OF:AN AIRPORT Factors Influencing Terminal Configuration and Size Terminal Sitting Considerations Functional Relationships of Terminal Components Alternative Terminal Building Terminal Apron Gate Estimating Aircraft Gate Positions Employee skill levels for servicing airplanes between arrivals and departures and for maintaining airplanes Gate Parking Procedures Aircraft Parking Systems Apron Area Lighting Gross Terminal Building Area Estimates Space Allocations Public Lobby Areas Airline Ticket Counter/Offices Outbound Baggage Facilities Public Corridors Security Inspection StationsDeparture Lounges Baggage Claim Facilities Passenger Flow Sequence Seismic Safety Airport Roads Terminal Curb Areas Public Parking Facilities Employee and Tenant Parking Public Transportation and Rental Car Areas Access System Signs Transit System Links and Automated People Mover (APM) Systems Environmental considerations AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP Showroom Location Alternative facility Parking lot for showroom vehicles Extra space as per expansion point of view Security control system Interior and Decoration Architecture Lighting system Getting an open point and building a new facilityGovernment aid and incentives for a new facility New dealership franchises New dealership facility A LIBRARY DBMS Current space allocation for the book shelves Relocation of current library building in case of increasing campus departments and space requirement. Extra building need required for expansion purposes Extra staff requirements Building maintenance Seating arrangements Employees’ skills and abilities for managing library affairs and students dealings Proper management of Books and library assets as per theft point of view. Security check-in and check-out system of library entrance and exit.Computer arrangements and periodic up gradation of computers.

Magazine shelves. Offices of the library faculty members. A BANK Online Asset Management system Up to date Security system Customer dealing and its management Employee training for customer empowerment Services management for promotions of customers Location of bank. Up gradation of existing location of bank Counters and cabins to create a proper professional environment. Seating arrangements for customer wait point.

Proper lighting and cooling system of bank. 24/7Security guards availability. ATM space and its separate arrangement.Proper hygiene and sanitation of bank. Interior decoration and pleasant environment management. A SOFT DRINK BOTTLER AND DISTRIBUTOR Management of distribution channels Management of employees Management of empty bottles and storages space.

Liquid preparation system Maintenance of machines Space required for machines Secondary power system in case of primary power failure Closeness to the market area Management of transportation system Q1: Evaluate the facilities plan for your campus and list potential changes you would consider if you were asked to re-plan the campus.Why would you consider these? EVALUATION OF CBM FACILITIES PLAN: I will develop a concept in the light of facility planning process. Which will describe best the step by step facility plan of our campus. The purpose of this facility is to use this facility for academic purposes. Students are the inputs of this facility and output is to provide skilled professionals as per needed by the industry.

PRIMARY AND SUPPORTIVE ACTIVITIES: The primary activities of this campus are to educate people who are coming from different industries and fresh students who are coming directly from different institutes.CBM provides them best quality of education through highly educated and industry experienced professors and industrialists. The supportive activities are to give students a healthy environment which will help them in making their professional learning involve library, sports court, best examination system, security system, healthy food provision, toilets, Mosque, administration to control all activities, computer labs, information technology for up to date information flow and control INTERACTION OF ACTIVITIES: The complete process involves proper education system, ecurity provision for the students and faculty, proper management plan, required to ensure smoothly run the system. SPACE REQUIRED FOR EACH ACTIVITY: The space of the facility is almost 2acres which consists of 7 buildings, parking area, sports court. There are two main entrances and one direct entrance from parking area. Mosque area.

FACILITIES PLANNING Facilities plan involves location of the facility and its design. As design of the facility is concerned. It includes FACILITIES LOCATION The second concern is that as per expansion point of new as it is needed as per future point of view.The area is not enough and there is no area for any new building which will have to built in the future for expansion purposes. CLOSENESS: The location of the facility as per education point of view. It is not a center location in the city and therefore it is difficult for every student to reach over there.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Campus is located in korangi creek which is industrial area of the city. This area is very far away from the residential area. The institute is surrounded by humongous industries. FACILITY SYSTEMS DESIGN: STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS The load resisting system of facility is very strong and made up of thick pillars.The Structure of the facility is built as thick walls and floor is composed of mate finish marbles.

Overall facility is designed as per standard considerations. ENCLOSURE SYSTEMS Facility is enclosed by a tall wall and parking area is enclosed from road side from fences. ATMOSPHERIC SYSTEMS The atmosphere of the facility is maintained through centralized cooling system. Which serves the whole facility. But the problem sometimes occurs in hot season and chiller goes to malfunctioning. There should be an alternative system for this purpose.

ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING SYSTEMSElectricity is main problem in Pakistan therefore facility is served with 3phase electric system and heavy power generator is also installed in the facility as an alternative. COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Today communication is primary need of this modern era. Every business can be successful if communication system is up to date. CBM also wants to develop a best of the best communication system in order to update its faculty and students as early as possible. A huge network of landline with fiber optic system serves the facility for the purpose of making calls and Digital Subscriber Line for networking.

Recently an online system for making registration and watching results is built but it needs some improvement in this regard. CBM should hire a consultant for this purpose and implement this system will improve the efficiency of the campus. And in this tough competitive environment institute can progress well enough. LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS In the premises of the facility emergency exits are setup on every floor of the campus in each building. In order to escape from fire disaster fire distinguishers are installed on each floor beside stair case.

SANITATION SYSTEM Sanitary system is basic need for designing every facility.Drainage system should be on open walls in order to avoid spills from the pipes. In happening so walls becomes weaker. On every floor of CBM toilets are built to cater the need of the facility. HANDLING SYSTEM DESIGN: It relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS WHEN DESIGNING A FACILITY: There are some important considerations which are necessary to take into consideration while designing a facility. CUSTOMERS Customer is the king this is normally called.Give value to customers. Make your plans according to the customer needs. At CBM customers are the students. So student ease and providing them best services will develop campus reputation.

INTERNAL EFFICIENCY System should be efficient in the facility. Faculty, processes and services should be as quick as possible. WORK ENVIRONMENT There should be pleasant environment for workers as well as for students so that they become more efficient and give maximum results. 3. List down the benefits of using manufacturing cells.

Which modern manufacturing approaches are usually employed in conjunction with anufacturing cells? BENEFITS OF USING MANUFACTURING CELLS: The benefits of using manufacturing cells are as follows, REDUCTION: It is helpful in reducing inventories. It Reduces space requirements due to proper arrangement of resources. It reduces paperwork because of automation. Reduces equipment requirements through multitasking in easy manners. Reduces the need of transportation and reduces unnecessary movements.

SIMPLIFICATION: It simplifies communication It simplifies material handling. It simplifies scheduling, etc. IMPROVEMENT: It improves Productivity. It enhances system Flexibility.It improves quality of work.

It promotes customer satisfaction. MODERN MANUFACTURING APPROACHES FOR MANUFACTURING CELLS: The modern manufacturing approaches which are usually employed in conjunction with manufacturing cells are as follows: GROUP TECHNOLOGY: Manufacturing cell forming: ? Classification ? Production flow analysis ? Clustering methodologies ? Heuristic procedures ? Mathematical models CLUSTERING METHODOLOGIES DIRECT CLUSTERING ALGORITHM (DCA) 1. Form machine-part matrix 2. Sum the 1s in each column ; row 3. Order the rows in descending order 4. Order the columns in ascending order .

Sort the columns (1 in the first row moves left, then in the second row, etc. ) 6. Sort the rows (1 in the first column moves upward, then in the second column, etc. ) 7. Form cells CLUSTER IDENTIFICATION ALGORITHM (CIA) 1.

Select any row and cross it 2. For each crossed 1 make a vertical line 3. For each crossed 1 make a horizontal line 4. Repeat until all the 1s are crossed by a vertical line or by a horizontal line 5. Form a cell from all the machines and components which were crossed 6.

Remove all the crossed elements (machines and components) and start again