Fadiman Case Study

It was disheartening for me as a professional how the lack of support was even splayfooted an Institute where there were resourceful needed for that community. Instead they use to obtain consent using embarrassed teenaged sons, for their mothers having a cesarean or episiotomy who have learned English in school, as translators. (Fading, peg. 25)The whole situation was tragic what Lila went through, tragic what the doctors went through, and tragic what the parents went through.

I wonder if the medical staff back then was made to go through a cultural diversity education.

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The book went to tell the flashbacks of the Lee’s Journey before becoming settled. It was humbling after reading what the Homing’s endured. The author brought insight with culture awareness, respecting different aspects of professional values, and points of views. The scientific medical part of it was frustrating because the doctors and nurses are there to save people’s lives and this little girl was not responding to any therapy.

From the parent’s point of view, it was a surprise the father did not take Ala sooner.

For somebody who cannot read and was given the most Important task Witt a complicate melatonin issuance regimen, ten medications would have been out the window from not only not being to read them but not understanding why I am giving them to my daughter. When the Lee’s considered the illness an honor and felt Lila was the anointed one may grow up to be a shaman. (Fading, peg. 22) The lack of trust, and non-compliance comprised the bond between the patient and doctor relationship resulted in unfortunate events.

When Lila came to the emergency room for the first time on October 24, teethe hospital had not yet hired an interpreter and uses a Janitor on occasion to translate.

(Fading, peg. 25) She was diagnosed with early pronunciation and was sent home with antibiotics. (Fading, peg. 26) The parents had no means of communicating the episode to the ERE doctor. They did not speak or read English. A true assessment would be to ask what event has occurred, how long this cough and congestion have been going on.

Lila had no temperature so take that extra step and investigate why the x-ray showed what it showed before writing the prescriptions for the antibiotics to send them home. Be adamant about finding an interpreter that night to see what is going on and make a thorough assessment with this infant. Then sit down with the parents along with the interpreter to inform them what is happening and more than likely Lila will be admitted for observation and will accommodate mom with baby in the room.

Lila between the ages eight months and four and half years old was admitted seventeen more times along with the hundred outpatient visits. Her condition had deteriorated with status epileptics lasting twenty minutes or longer. Lila was a difficult stick regarding intravenous administration.

It should have been part off plan having a long term central line placement being placed for easy access. Therefore Lila will not be deprived of oxygen due to the delayed in treatment trying to find a vein. (Fading, pas. 38-39) Home visits should be more frequent and to give more assistance to the Lee’s.