Fair Trade Case Study

Country, location and name of producer, grower or farmer. The coffee farmer Tommy Mathews is from the Wanda District of northeast Kraal.

Kraal Is a state located In southwest India. Background to changing to become a Fair Trade producer / grower (problems) Tommy and his family have been farming on the same plot of land for many years. On top of Coffee beans, Tommy also grows cashews, rubber, peppers and coconuts on his three acres of land. Tommy has faced many problems over the years.

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Some of these robbers include; falling commodity prices and increased cost of production. Many fame’s in Kraal have suffered increasing debts recently, which have lead to their families becoming impoverished.

Due to this a handful of fame’s decided to take their own life, unable to cope with the burden of debt. However, Tommy set about his goal to cure the poverty and co-founded the FATAL, which helped farmers to access fair trade markets. This resulted In many fame’s being paid fair prices. Which covered the costs of sustainable production.

Benefits of Fair Trade Fair trade mainly only benefits the fame’s rather than the consumers of the products as it usually costs more than the normal products. However, fair trade helps to reduce the poverty between fame’s in LEEDS as it creates better wages for the fame’s.

Fair trade organizations also help to reduce the chain of trade, so that there are no middlemen that may rip the farmers off. These organizations also increase the knowledge of farmers and give them tips on how to Improve their business so that teen are addle to make more money. Any other info