Family Portrait

Every family portrait can reveal us some secrets, tell interesting stories and show the family traditions. When the members of the family are far from each other, miss each other, the family portrait makes them closer and gives the possibility to see faces close to the heart and to the soul. Family portrait reminds us about the most pleasant family memories and events. There is nothing strange that if a house catches fire or flood, photo albums are the first things which people try to save. Time changes people: makes them older, more experienced and wiser.

However, family portrait is unchangeable thing; because the happiest moment had been already fixed and even time can not change it. Only dust, which covered the picture, can prove that many years had passed. When people look at their family portrait, they feel nostalgia, sadness and a lump in the throat as well as happiness and pleasure. People admire their family portraits because they reveal the most pleasant events, the relationships built during life. I am Chinese, single, 20-years old man.

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I live in Hong Kong. Now I am a student, and I realize the importance of family. Have a look at this family portrait where my mother, father, sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, cousin and me are. Yes, I am very happy on this picture because I am surrounded by people who love me; I feel their warmth, their love and care. This picture will always remind us that we are happy together, and this moment is depicted at this family portrait. I always take this photo when I am far from my family or somebody from my family is far from me.

Even one look at this picture makes me smile and say thank you to God that I am the owner of the most valuable treasure – my family. When I was a child, I did not undestand how happy I was. Now I know how I will bring up my children in order to inoculate them love to family. As you see we are at home altogether that is why this picture has a stronger impact on me. When I look at it, I am completely absorbed in the pleasant memories about my native home and my family.

To my mind, no matter for how long you do not see your relatives, as you can be always with them in your thoughts, and in your dreams. This family portrait is always on the small table near my bed. When I awake from sleep and when I fall asleep, I always look at this picture and feel the constant presence of my family in my life.You would never believe how we did this picture! As for me, I am not a lover of being photographed. So I was categorically against such an idea.

We all have quarreled before taking this picture. My mother was hard on my father because he was against dressing the costume and my mother insisted. My grandfather muttered into his beard that there were a lot of pictures, where we were together, and my grandmother complained that our family was crazy and not allowing even a minute to rest. Do not worry, my family has never quarreled, however, as in any family there are moments when the members of the family are a bit tired from each other. Looking at this picture, you would never guess about this, if I did not reveal you this our small secret.

We were absolutely happy, cheerful and smiling. Our eyes were burning with happiness, and joy, excitement lit our faces, and we were like charmed, like one entity, which can not be separated. Now when I view this family portrait, I realize that I feel nostalgia, begin to remember all unforgettable memories connected with my family. I know exactly that if at that time, when this picture was made, I remembered any offences, misunderstaanding and quarrels between us, then now I think only about happy events and good relationships between us, which are engraved in my memory. Maybe, you have noticed that all members of my family even have the identical smiles, in spite of the fact that we did not want to be photographed.

Looking at this picture you would say that we live altogether. You would not believe that, however, we live separately; it is our family tradition, to gather on weekends and holidays. In my opinion, it is very good tradition, and I will try to have it in my future family. To my mind, the warm and sincere relationships in the family cannot be ruined by distance and time. Only disrespect, rudeness, ignoring of family traditions and neglect of family values can ruin it.

Have you guessed who has the highest authority and power in my family? Look attentively at this portrait one more time! The Chinese family is built on a hierarchy system. The oldest man in the house that is my grandfather controls family affaires.We are almost all dressed in white color. In China, the central colors are red, white and black. White color, signifies moderation, purity, honesty and life.

Even the color of our clothes is similar. Almost all are dressed in white color. It proves that we respect our national traditions. For me, this family portrait is like testaments to a family’s history, which will be passed from generation to generation. Your life constantly changes around you.

However, family portrait will be a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your life. It is not a secret: I am a sentimentalist, and I respect family traditions. It is the main reason, why I feel portraits are so valuable. I will take my family portrait always close to me and pass it to my children.