Favorite Childhood Toy

When I was a small boy, there were certain toys I was fond of. Of course, there were other toys I never fancied at all. I loved toy cars and would spend the entire day playing with my assorted and varied cars. I had lorries, tractors, buses, cars and vans. Among all my precious toys, there was one favorite childhood toy, it was a small jeep given to me by my parents for my 7th birthday.

I fondly loved my jeep that I barely laid it down. My mother started complaining, as the jeep had become a source of conflict in the house. I would skip meals, postpone my homework because I wanted to play with my jeep. As a result, my father set out stiff regulations on when I would play with it and when not to. I had a small sister who grew to marvel at the way I fancied my jeep. Consequently, she took advantage of the barrier set by my parents to steal and play with it.

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As a girl she never understood why I loved my jeep over other car toys. Once, she stole my jeep and went to play with it outside with her friends. I was locked up in my room trying to finish my homework and did not realize that she had made away with it. As a mischievous girl she was, she got so busy with other games that she forgot to carry the jeep along as they moved to a neighbor to play. The new neighbor loved to ride his car in the field where all the children played. When the girls moved to the neighbor’s place, he gladly took advantage of the opportunity to ride his car.

Unfortunately, my jeep was on his way and he crushed it into numerous pieces as he drove along. As soon as I finished my homework, I went to my room to get my favorite toy that I found was missing. I hurriedly went out to look for my sister as I knew that she was the one who had taken it. As I crossed the field towards the neighbor’s house where I heard children were playing noisily, I saw shiny pieces of metal lying in the field. As a approached the pieces, there was no mistake identifying that it was my cute little jeep crushed into thousands of pieces!