First Union Case Study

Not only that, but shortly before her promotion, the EEOC put pressure on First Union to hire female executives since none had been put in place. Meg was the first of her kind.

The EEOC was trying to encourage diversity management. Diversity management is defined by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a practice intended to produce and maintain a positive work environment that recognizes the value of individuals’ molarities and differences, so that everyone can reach their potential and make the most of their contributions to an organization’s strategic goals and objectives (GAO, 2013, p. 5).

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What are the forces for cultural change at First Union? Cultural changes will need to start from the top down. According to Daft (2013), culture changes refer to changes in the values, attitudes, expectations, beliefs, abilities, and behavior of employees such as the mindset of the organization (p. 435).

Miller and Tucker (2013) suggest the senior leadership must set the tone at the top or integrity and ethics including diversity (p. 56). Consulting with First Union’s outside auditors, internal and outside legal counsel may be helpful in laying the groundwork for an updated diversity plan and Code of Ethics (Miller & Tucker, 2013, p. 6). Miller and Tucker go on to state top management should work with legal counsel to identify possible events that could impact the company’s diversity program, such as the annual golf tournament (2013, p. 56).

Discuss the use of power at First Union. The use of power at First Union is interesting as it has many facets. For one, the Ortega division was considered the most powerful as it was the department that made that brought in a substantial amount of revenues.

Because of the mortgage division’s contribution to the bottom line, the mortgages offices had been remodeled so beautifully, that they stood out from the rest of the bank. This is an example of reward power Ongoing, 2010, p. 220).

The president was not happy with the cost of the renovations but kept his displeasure to himself due to the significant profits generated by the mortgage division. Just as stated above, Horst Nylon Ana not employed any Tamale executives until TN EEOC intervened encouraging them to do so.

And Just as there had not been any women executives in a UP status, none had been invited to play in the annual golf invitational either. This is a prime example of referent power, which refers to the ability to provide others with feelings of personal acceptance, approval, usefulness, or worth Ongoing, 2010, p. 220).

The artwork around First Union was also suggestive of the values perceived by top management as one particular art piece displayed a member of the female body and was hung in the president’s conference room. This is another example of referent rower.

An example of legitimate and possible coercive power is the president’s influence on the building manager in deciding to downsize Megs office. As stated in the text, Meg was the first person to come under scrutiny with the current regulations. This is considered legitimate because of the president’s position to impose a sense of obligation on the building manager to follow the guidelines even though they were casually held in compliance with other executives. It is also coercive as the president has the power to grant and take away rewards and privileges Ongoing, 2010, p.


What political tactics should Meg use? Political behavior is an important factor of power progressions in organizations and has been found to enhance leader-member relations, career mentoring, and customer satisfaction (Guppy, Sings, & Sings, 2008, p. 16). Meg should only employ sanctioned political tactics that are perceived as acceptable in the workplace as a way to progress positive relationships. She should try to cultivate positive relationships throughout the First Union by learning about their views and developing mutually advantageous coalitions and alliances (Daft, 2013, p.


Meg would also use the political tactic of reciprocity which works hand in hand in building coalitions and alliances. Being in a V. P. Position, Meg has the prime opportunity to be a mentor to other females since she is the first woman V. P.

At First Union; not only would she be educating females, but educating males on acceptable behavior changing the culture of First Union and its perception of women in the workplace (Guppy et. Al, 2008, p. 23). Other political tactics include: promoting self-interests (such as her golf lessons) through creating and maintaining a favorable image with the “power holders” to help ester a change in culture.

Meg can draw the attention to the success her department has in establishing positive staff morale and by developing a reputation as formidable as the mortgage division.

Doing so would make her as a V. P. And the department more desirable to the influential members of First Union (Guppy et. Al, 2008, p. 24). And lastly, Meg can become a “mentor” by looking up to the more senior members of the organization for advice and support.

Conclusion In conclusion, First Union’s main issue is the corporate culture and the need for change in the organization.