Today’s Going to Be a Great Day

Learning to walk, riding a bike for the first time, the first day of school, moving to a new city. The unfamiliarity of what is to come, is most likely always the shackles we bare as we trudge through life. The comfort and sense of home is probably the only thing that makes life even somewhat easy. But when we are dropped into foreign territory, at first the nerves and chattering of our worries ensue, but eventually the instincts of a survivor appear.

We build a new home, we walk a new street, and ride a new form of transportation. Leaving home is the first big step in the giant leaps that you will make in life. One everyone dreads as it grows nearer and nearer, but after you’ve fallen into a brave situation, turns out, it was the best thing you’ll ever do. Having the courage to jump is what is honored in your memory. The impression and encouragement you’ve left upon the innocent lives of those who are there to witness.

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So grab your back pack, your bus ticket, and a winning attitude. Because, something tells me today’s going to be a great day.