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Perhaps most important of all, SWORN Remote Device management will give your team peace of mind and significantly reducing down time In the OR. If something goes wrong, a dedicated Striker support manager will be monitoring In ell time every step of the way.

In addition, careful monitoring of equipment usage will help best utilize your future budget.

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Striker Cordless Driver 4 Increased torque and power than previous generations cordless- exceptional invulnerability Smaller and lighter than previous generations Powerful high speed motor Striker Cordless Driver 4 continued Completely compatible with System 7 Smaller batteries Integrated SWORN Remote Device Management enables real time transfer of data to Striker support teams significantly reducing down time in the OR Benefits Cordless Driver 4 is a must have in the OR. The versatility makes CDC useful for a variety AT applications tens elongating ten need Tort multiple nana pieces.

System 7 Smalltime batteries reduce downtime and SWORN Remote Device Utilizing Management provides peace of mind. CDC is 50% more powerful than previous generations, has 20% more torque and provides exceptional invulnerability and convenience making it the most efficient small bone system on the market.

Striker Remy Dedicated Wire Driver is 25% smaller, 28% lighter and 60% less exposure needed to grip wire. T is simple in concept and has unprecedented invulnerability and intro.

  • Remy Universal Driver is a fully accentuated handpicked. It has an oscillating feature and there are multiple attachments available.
  • Remy saws are lightweight in design and made of Titanium.

    The reciprocating saw is has easy, intuitive insertion/removal of blades without additional tools. The Societal saw has a rotating head for maximum blade positions and has a special mount that facilitates a larger blade

  • Remy Micro Drill is lightweight and has a Titanium design.

Stryker Instruments Case Study

High speed drill used to bur, drill and shape bone in a variety of procedures.

Remy has revolutionized the world of removing and reshaping bone. Remy has a solution for a variety of small bone procedures. Surgeons are able to work more efficiently with greater precision and control. Better precision leads to better results in turn leading to an overall increase in patient satisfaction. The versatility of Remy allows for a larger variety of procedures reducing the need for underused and unnecessary equipment thus controlling cost and increasing efficiency. The titanium design helps increase shelf life and easier maintenance as rust and stains are virtually eliminated.

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Striker Precision Saw Oscillating tip design Elimination of blade shaft Stationary blade Non- oscillating blade shaft and variable speed control Striker’s Oscillating Tip Saw is so steady and precise it can be guided with one finger. The oscillating tip design dramatically reduces vibration and enhances control of the hand piece.

The saw is ideal for minimally invasive surgeries as potential for soft tissue damage is significantly reduced. The elimination of the oscillation of the blade affords the surgeon greater visibility during surgery as well as the ability to precisely rim and shape bone in preparation for implants. Striker Saba Saw Powerful Efficient Versatile Reliable Striker’s Saba Societal Saw combines the power on torque of CDC with the control of a micro saw.

This allows for more specialized procedures in the OR. There is a 77% increase in cutting power over traditional saw attachments. It has 250% longer run vs. handpicked and saw attachments. There is also ample power for CAL or shoulder surgeries while having enough precision for hand and foot procedures.

Efficiency is increased in the OR and down time is virtually eliminated.