Ford Pinto Case Study

Ford Pinto case and unethical decision making According to the article, Tioga is inclined to make unethical decisions due to the nature of his work. Therefore, his decision not to recall the defective Pinto for further Improvements to its safety standards Is unethical. This Is due to the fact that, people were unaware that Pinto could entail great risks for their safety. Moreover, Goal Is based on scripts before making his decision. Thus, by using a cost-benefit analysis means that he considers human life a financial value which contradicts the values and principles of moral behavior.

HIS decision making process Is based on the utilitarian model which means that he seeks for a decision that would maximize his overall happiness. This decision was to act In favor of his company’s profitability Instead of people’s safety. However, the solo-psychological dynamics that forced Goal to make an unethical decision are many and difficult to recognize even an experienced manager like him. To start with, time pressure is a leading factor that he could not avoid during the decision making process.

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Indeed, the rigid completion between car industries along with the oil crisis which affected the marketplace were two key issues that Tioga had to take into consideration before making his decision.

Moreover, Tioga felt loyal towards his Job because of the good salary and the carrier opportunities, therefore, he had adopted the cultural values of the organization which means that he was acting for the organization’s profitability and sustainability.

Furthermore, he experienced a lot of corporate pressure to follow specific guidelines concerning the production costs which did not allow him to move forward Pinto’s recall. Another reason was the heavy workload which limited his ability to consider the ethical dimensions of his decision, but rather, focus on a schematic processing which was the only way to evaluate the large amount of information.