Foreign Language Classes Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Arrowhead High Schools motto is “something for everyone.” And Arrowhead offers unique classes that other schools do not; they have five foreign languages that start at the basics and go up to AP. One of those languages is Spanish, and every year there is a trip offered to students that are in level 2 Spanish and up. The Spanish trip takes place in summer and the students who sign up travel to Spanish speaking countries. Costa Rica and Peru are just two of the countries that have been visited by Arrowhead students.

The student may choose from a 2 to 3 week stay or a 4 to 5 week stay. But the trip comes at a hefty price. The 2 to 3 week stay is $3285-3495 to go to either Argentina or Spain, and $2695-2895 for Costa Rica. The 3 to 4 week stay is $3595-3795 to go to Spain or Argentina, and $2895-3095 for Costa Rica. Some students think the price is too high and don’t think the price is worth it. Junior, Brittney Skorik said, “I wouldn’t go on the trip because I would rather go on a trip with my family that I wouldn’t have to pay for, and be able to do what I want rather than have a set schedule.

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Also, I wouldn’t want to spend an entire trip with people who I go to school with.” But other students like the opportunity to take a trip without their family. Some families cannot afford to go on lavish vacations, so this gives a student the chance to save up their own money and go on a trip they would otherwise not be able to go on. The prices include roundtrip airfare, family stay arrangements, transportation, medical and accident insurance, preparation materials, and the presence of local family stay coordinators. There is also a payment schedule which allows a student to pay in three separate amounts, making the price of the trip more manageable. Also, being a host family for a foreign student for 3 to 4 weeks during the summer may contribute to lessening the trip price.

Hosting a student can take $200 off of the price of the trip. Along with the initial price of the trip, students must pay for passport costs and bring their own spending money. These trips are planned out for students to enjoy fun and new activities, as well as providing an educational experience. Students will stay with a host family that will feed them and provide a place to live during the trip. New for this year, level 2 and up French classes can now take a trip this summer. The trip is to France, where students will visit cities such as Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and more.