Forever Young

For days I’ve been looking for inspiration and now I found it. All by just glancing through my newsfeed on Facebook.

I stopped and I thought for a little while as to why these girls were posting such meaningless words. Then it hit me. Day by day, week by week, I pass through hallways and talk to these kids who are pretending. It’s okay when your a child and you want to dance around in your mothers shoes and pearls but to be pretending when your an adolescent? Everywhere, I see girls pretending to be women, as I choke on their thick perfume. Boys are masquerading as a mix of thugs and teenage boy.

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Everywhere I go in my sight there is someone pretending to be older or younger than they are. Girls cake their face in makeup while boys obnoxiously laugh at outrageously stupid jokes. I ask myself the question: Is this what I look like? Do I pretend with other people? We are teenagers. We should not be able to even think about love, let alone pretend to be in it. These are our prime years to be smart, to be fit, to be us. And yet everyone tries to fast forward through the awkward yet meaningful period in our lives that define our characters later in life.

One girl killed herself. Another boy is gay. What does this all mean? We are trying to understand and cope with what’s around us but I don’t see how we could’ve gotten this ridiculous as to bully and push one another to the edge of extinction or even decide for ourselves which gender we like. We segregate from each other into our own cliques, our own groups. And then we go and judge each group and label them. Those kids reading are the Nerds.

Or those gabby, gossip girls are part of the Popular group. And then there are Nobodies. Like me. Just biding our time in the background watching our age group transform too soon. We act like we are ready for the outside world but lets face it, the outside world scares the crap out of all of us.

We don’t want to grow up. We want to stay young forever. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Forever young.