Forms of Writing: Printing, Cursive and Typing

writing is an essentil part of life in sacity today, we live in a world where many people have to write in there work place.

but wrihting seams to be a thing of the past, and cursive isint being taught in some schools anymore. my question, is this, what has our sosity come to today where ursie (the more formal form of writing) is to a point endangered (for want of a better word.) I find as a student that both cursive and printing are good skills to have. priniting is good for notes and study gides but when you go to hand in a formal esay type paper (anything for marks) cerciver (as long as its legible) will get you better marks then printing or typing. so why then are schools more and more discontinuing the use of and teaching of cercive. that being said computers are now domonating the classroom, to a point where I have to wonder that one day when I have kids will they even know what printing and cercive are.

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this bafels me, yes conputers are exselent devices for going on the internet to search for something. but what happened to books and writing. I myself am an aspireing writer find that if I were something by hand it comes out more clear and with more detals and depth to it then if Im `pownding` it out on the conputer. because thats exsactly what Im doing is typing not thinking about what it is I write. how many people can say they truly think about what they put down befor they actily write anymore. Im not saying computers are bad or that they arnt useful, to the contary I belive that conputers are exstemly useful and tools to have.

all Im saying is that if you spend time printing it down, and writing it out in cercive maybe you`ll actily think about what your saying and how yo want to say it will benifite you in the end. by thinking more carfully about what you said and more efert and thought gose into what your working on. I have to wonder if one far off day in the futher if a teacher will say to there class, “I want a report done by hand in cesive” and non of the sudents will even know what ersive is. I can remember myself being in grade seven and a teacher turning to the class to tell us our report on indangered speaches, in cercive and at lest one page long. there were two people in a class of 32 who didint know what Cercive was and had to be taught. our teacher went out of her way to stay after school for a week teaching those students how to write in cercive so that they could do there papers.

I belive that ersie and printing are very importent froms of writing to should all learn to us. I also belive that learning these forms are esentil to have in our repitwar of writing not just typing.