From Slackers to Scholars- Cheating Prevails

Cheating in my school, Marjory Stoneman DOuglas has escalated to an entire new level.It is not just the slackers cheating their way to a diploma, but rather highly intelligent, yet lowly motivated students cheating their way into the top ten percent of their class. I personally have witnessed cheating a myriad of occasions.

It has become so prevalent, in fact, that we students do not even bother to say anything because it is not worth our time or reputation. But simply because we are not snitches, doe not mean we do not care. Cheating is wrong and out right unfair. A homework assignment is one thing, but we have all seen it get to the point of widespread cheating throughout the ACT and SAT assessment tests. How is it that a student failing their basic math class scored a perfect score on the math section of the ACT? The answer to this is obviously cheating, yet unfortunately the culprits are not caught because we will not snitch.

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Because we do not say anything, these lying cheaters will not only graduate high school, but go to become doctors, lawyers, and whatever other occupation they can cheat their way towards. Cheating is a serious problem within the school system and ironically is no longer a problem with the academically challenged, but rather the greedy AP prodigies.