GAP: Analysis of the Dubai Mystery Shopping

Al Tayer Group plans to open about 25 Gap stores by 2010. The first Gap stores opened in the later part of 2006. ————————————————- GAP – Competitive intelligence To identify the competitive intelligence of GAP, we identified the following main clothing retail brands. We went to their stores and made the observations as detailed below: 1.

Aeropostale: is an American clothing retail chain that mostly sells casual clothing with over 900 stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates.

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Their stores are usually located in shopping malls and large marketing areas. They have recently launched a line for kids also. We made the following observations about their store: * They do not have a kid’s section * The space utilization was not done properly. The store looked very congested * Aesthetic sense was not good * There were lot of varieties in design * The clothes were mostly affordable * Lot of bright colored clothes were available ( as compared to GAP) * Sale sign was prominently visible * Location of store was not that good as compared to GAP.

It was on the first floor corner side of Dubai mall * They were doing lot of advertisements in the mall itself to increase awareness of their sales * Out of Zara, GAP and them, their service was the best as customer service representatives were pro-active and approached the customers themselves without asking 2. ZARA: Zara is the flagship chain store of Inditex Group owned by Spanish tycoon Amancio Ortega. The group is headquartered in Galicia, Spain. Their USP is that they need just 2 weeks to develop a new product whereas the industry average of 6 months.

Its most unusual strategy is its policy of almost zero advertising.

We made the following observations about their store: * Sale sign was not prominent * There were 3 sections – Men’s section, Female’s section and Kid’s section * Prices are comparatively higher * They were trying to cross-sell by putting shoes, pants and shoes at one place * Their customer care representatives were not pro-active 3. H&M: H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price through a broad and varied range of fashion. The collections are extensive and replenished within a day. Hence, customers can always find something new at H&M.

It is a Swedish clothing company and cater to the following segment – women, men, teenagers and children. It has around 2,000 stores in 37 different countries and employs around 76,000 people.

Observations about their store are: * Display of clothes through main windows was prominent * Arrangement of clothes in H&M was very systematic * Clothes on sale were not segregated and were mixed with fresh arrivals ————————————————- Services Following are few of the prime intangible services that we identified in the mystery shopping exercise: 1.