Legalization Gay Marriage

Gay marriage refers to a legally or socially recognized marriage between persons of the same biological sex or between two same social gender persons. Gay marriage is used interchangeably with same-sex marriage. In many cases, gay marriage is not accurate because one bisexual, one homosexual or two bisexuals are some composition of same-sex marriage. Statement issue.In many nations, gay marriage is a civil rights, social, political, moral and religious issue.

The debates arise over whether the couple of the same sex should be left to enter into marriage, and be allowed to use a different status, which either give equal marriage rights or limited marriage rights or does not give any marriage rights. Another issue is whether ‘marriage’ term should exist in their status. This has raised fundamental arguments for and against gay marriage in the world. The discussion will base on opposing gay marriage and explain on a misunderstanding of what marriage itself is all about.Arguments against gay marriage.

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From religious, biblical point of view, marriage is for companionship and procreation. Marriage is for maintaining social stability between one man and one woman hence gay marriage is prohibited and seen as sinful. For instance, some biblical books like the book of Leviticus 18:22, 1st Corinthians 6:9 and Genesis condemns having sex with same-gender sex. Same-sex is immoral and violates the sacred marriage institution. The bible does not tolerate the State laws hence gay marriage opposition depend on religious freedom of believe (Anthony).

Marriage is meant for initiation between two opposite, sex for better or for worse, enduring hopefully. This is to the intimate degree of being sacred. It is an association that provides a way of life. But not political faiths or not commercial or social projects, but an association for a noble purpose. Many philosophers like Martin Luther King describe same sex-marriage as unjust law, which the majority group compels, and the minority group obeys.

Many religious beliefs that committed, loving man and woman in a relationship can marry, but dogs marry no matter what their relationships are. Therefore, religious argue strongly on how the society will treat gay marriage that is like human or like dogs.Marriages are for ensuring the continuation of species. It can be particularly upsetting due to structural change of the fundamental building block society especially on family. Cultural beliefs still exist that marriage are meant for continuation of the society. That is why in some parts of African society, there is naming of children after birth.

A marriage role in society is the crucial topic taught in public schools. If gay marriage is legalized, then the teaching that same-sex marriage is same to opposite-sex marriage would be taught in schools. Conservative, religious researchers found that children benefit a lot when reared in married home of the father and mother. Parents of the opposite gender meet the unique needs of children when they raise them in an opposite marriage family (Anthony).According to consequentiality arguments, a number of negative results ensue from gay marriages. If, everybody was practicing gay marriage then the world would reach an end.

Masculinity and feminist role models would create confusion among growing children on proper identity of gender. Marriage is a religious sacrament or ceremony for most religious people. Therefore, some religious groups feel they will cause chaos of violating their beliefs if they will change the meaning of marriage and allow gay marriage (Bruce and Parks 9).Gay marriage will threaten marriage institution. It sounds so logical if gay people are left to marry people who they are attracted to, with whom they can not relate sexually. Marriage will lose the meaning and cases of divorce courts arise if the numbers of supposed heterosexual marriages reduce.

Marriage institution is worthy preserving at the cost of involuntary participation requirements to remain in it is better argument for tightening divorce laws.Arguments for gay marriage.I propose that marriage institutions should preserve dignity and respect to a couple in their lifetime commitment to help each other. Consequently, gay marriage deserves this dignity and respect. Denying gay marriage equal rights removes fundamental, human right benefits from one group the marriage right of a person that one loves and their commitment. I strongly believe that denying same-sex marriage in a democracy is unfair and unjust.

Denying marriage to gay couples has many emotional adverse effect, financial and security consequences. These include social security, medical care and other benefits like inheritance of property (Newton 15). Defenders of gay marriages fire back on issues against their marriages. Gays cite statistical research to convince those against them on how children of gay parents perform their gender roles well, and perform better in terms of their sex roles unlike children of non gay marriage. They point out that gay couples give the society a service of raising and adopting in needy children.Gay marriages claim that heterosexual reproducers that consist entirely the population would spell planet disaster.

A certain number of homosexual is advantageous because they act like a population checker. This would help the government to budget for the sizeable number of people in religion in terms of social services (Bruce and Parks 10).Gay marriage is extremely controversial. Many religious and conservatives of sociology prefer gay marriage because it restricts women much better from committing abortion. Gay marriage can also reduce the problems associated with single motherhood and the burdens associated in raising children.

From the above arguments, the arguments against gay marriage are entirely prohibited. Many people especially religious and other cultural conservatives do not encourage gay marriage. This is because it has a lot of disadvantages in the society and a moral decay and it is sinful against God. Gay marriage contradicts with the meaning of the family thus many arguments are raised to avert this conflict in society.