Genetics Paper

Genetics, some people may call experimenting with genetics playing God, or trying to be above God. Researchers and developers say that genetic engineering could “enhance” human traits. This could make people not good, but better than good.

Genetic engineering is an area that hasn’t had many advances. The few things that have been found out about genetics are the DNA characteristics and what traits they give an individual. Scientists have found a way to take out certain traits and insert new ones, at least in bacteria, and it worked. The resulting cell was capable of growth and division of the new trait. If they can find a way to do this in people, we could possibly make ourselves into who we want to be (Genetic Engineering, Current Issues, 2010) A recent experiment with genetic engineering has bred Schwarzenegger mice.

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This experiment was to see if inserting genes into an organism could give the organism new characteristics. The mice in this experiment grew rapidly. This result proved that we can at least slow degenerative diseases down. On the other side of this argument, this could be used as a special kind of steroid that could increase athletic performance without being detected (Preface to “Should People Be Free To Pursue Genetic Enhancement? Human Genetics 2010). On the down side of genetic enhancement, this can be used to further increase athletic performance.

Erythropoietin (or EPO) is a genetic mutation that allows a person to have more red blood cells, increasing their aerobic exercise capacity. EPO can be used to treat anemia but in the wrong hands can be used as a cheating device. For example, in the Tour de France in 1998, a team was thrown out of the race because the cyclists who were at the top admitted to taking the synthetic version of EPO. Even though genetic engineering can be used to cheat, I believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. If one sports team wins a game that they shouldn’t have won because of genetic enhancement, it wouldn’t matter because the same enhancement could be used to save lives.

So, do you care more about who wins the next football game or can you stop being narrow-minded and take the side that would save lives.