Omni Center Case Study

The Group also secured ownership of a prime freehold property called the Omni Center. The Omni Center, located in downtown Miami Florida, LISA, includes 650,000 square feet of shopping mall space, 350,000 square feet of office space, a 525-room Hilton Hotel and 2,300-space parking garage. The Omni Center is sited adjacent to the Mall Herald property purchased earlier In May 2011. Including the calculation of other properties, the Group has assembled a contiguous 30-acre prime freehold waterfront site in the heart of the City of Miami, overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Clearer Dye Gently Malaysia In October 2010, Gentling UK Is one AT ten leading casino operators in the United Kingdom and a leading innovator in the provision of high quality, customer focused gaming. Gentling I-J operates 6 casinos in London namely Crosswords, Maxims Casino Club, The Colony Club, The Palm Beach, London Mint and Fox Poker Club; and an additional 37 regional casinos in the UK provinces under Gentling Club and Gentling Casino brands. These casinos offer memorable experiences with various slots and table games in addition to restaurants, bars and other entertainments.

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The opening of Gentling Club Revivalists, Derby in November 2011 is part of the Group’s plan to revivalist its provincial casinos. Gentling Club Revivalists offers the very latest in gaming technology in a vibrant and exciting environment, complete with a restaurant and two bars for great entertainment.

In June 2011, the Group was awarded a large casino license to develop a leisure and entertainment complex at the National Exhibition Centre (“NECK”) in Birmingham, England. The site will be known as Resorts World at the NECK and is expected to be operational by 2015.

Resorts World will bring a unique new offering to The NECK featuring a casino, hotel accommodation, a spa, conference and banqueting centre, a multi screen cinema, a wide range of food and beverage outlets and an outlet centre. Others In 1998, Gentling Malaysia undertook an equity investment in Gentling Hong Kong Ltd(formerly known as Star Cruises Limited), with core businesses in both land and sea-based businesses as such Star Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Resorts World Minimal. Gentling Malaysia currently owns about 18. % of Gentling Hong Kong Ltd.

1 A 50% Joint ownership alongside Apollo and TOP A Joint partnership with Alliance Global Group under Travelers International Accolades Resorts World Gentling was voted the World’s Leading Casino Resort (2005, 2007 to 2010) and Sais’s Leading Casino Resort from 2005 to 2010 by World Travel Awards. Resorts World Gentling also won various culinary awards at the recent Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011 and Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAP) 2011 – 2013 Regional sense.

Mission and Vision Vision * To be a leading integrated resort operator in the world Mission * We are committed towards providing the most delightful and memorable experiences to our customers. We alma to generate status and to consistently enhance our stakeholders’ value. The Organization fields of business e growth Ana pronto Gentling Malaysia Bertha (“Gentling Malaysia”) is currently listed on the Main Market of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Bertha (Bloomberg: GENE MS; Reuters: GENE KILL; Bursa Malaysia: GENE 4715).

Gentling Malaysia is one of the largest listed companies in Malaysia with a market capitalization of about ARMS billion (IIS$7 billion) as at 31 December 2011. The authorized share capital of Gentling Malaysia was ARMOR million comprising 8,000 million shares of ROOM. II each) and the issued and paid-up share capital of Gentling Malaysia was ARMOR. 4 million (comprising 5,924 million ordinary shares) as at 31 December 2011. Gentling Malaysia is a member company of the Gentling Group, one of Sais’s leading and best managed multinationals.

The Gentling Group is the collective name for Gentling Bertha and its subsidiaries and associated.

Within this section, you will find Gentling Malaysia’s latest financial information and press releases. Gentling sustainable report Sustainable Development to us means going beyond mere acts of philanthropy or reface-level Corporate Social Responsibility endeavourers. It is an intrinsic and invaluable element that has been very much embedded into our values and business strategies and forms a core essential of our corporate DNA.

As a global leader in the leisure and hospitality industry, sustainable development is imperative to us and defines how we operate as a multinational global corporation. Be it our operations in Malaysia, the United Kingdom or the United States of America, at the heart of our sustainability strategy is the goal of achieving sustainability in all hat we do, from providing responsible world-class entertainment, products and services, to the well-being of our employees, environmental awareness and conservation and the development of the communities that we serve.

In order to remain financially viable and operationally sustainable, we have centered our sustainable development policies on four basic pillars – Environment, Marketplace, Workplace and Community.

This framework structures our commitment to conduct our business operations in a sustainable and responsible manner while fulfilling our core responsibilities towards all our stakeholders and creating a balance teen Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Community Sustainability. I narrate AT new entrance Known as Malaysia’s gaming venue, the project will consider the case of Malaysia’s sole casino naming Casino De Gentling.

Casino De Gentling is divided into various themed sections. Salon De Gentling features international games including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker with Jackpot machine and Lass Vegas- style entertainment as added attractions. The casino also offers the latest gaming systems for its slot machines via its Starboard while also offering gourmet quality fee through @Latte’ among others. Casino De Gentling is open every day of the year.

From 1980 onwards, players from different parts of the world such as US, Europe, Taiwan and Macaw continued to visit Casino De Gentling.

In Malaysia in particular, the annual revenue of the sole casino amounted to IIS$O. 63 billion. There are conjectures that new casino licenses would be issued to a second player but the Gentling Group remains to be the sole casino operator in the place today and boasts for its Casino De Gentling. Casino De Gentling is located in Gentling Highland a mountain peak within the Twanging Mountains.

Casino De Gentling opened at the same time as the Gentling Resort. The establishment of the infrastructure was meant to rival any casino in Asia.

Evidently, Casino De Gentling faces no strict competition to date. Nonetheless, if other religion and neighboring countries will loosen up their anti-gambling laws and allows the building of Casino, Casino De Gentling will face fierce rivalry through them. Given that Casino De Gentling is under the Gentling Group. It would be plausible to obtain and build on insights of the parents company.

Expectedly, Casino De Gentling might have partner media or brand consultant in advancing their brand identity. They also will be consulted to provide richer background to the project.

It is of my best belief that the research will be a significant endeavor in promoting awareness of the benefits of the casino industry in Malaysian economy. On a wider context, the findings of the project will be of importance to the business players planning to penetrate the casino industry either inside or outside Malaysia. As for our practice, we are aware that upon the completion of the course, we will assume a role in the business environment. It would be necessary to put emphasis on putting strategies into actions, which we could learn in the five competitive forces or porter’s forces which is threat of new entrants.

SOOT ANALYSIS S – Strengths: inside matters For our group’s survey and research on Gentling Group ,we found that the strengths of it is that Gentling Group is Malaysia’s leading multinational corporation and one of Sais’s best-managed companies. They have over 27,000 employees, 11,000 acres of prime resort land and more than 80,000 hectares of plantation land. The Gentling Group is the collective name for Gentling Bertha and its subsidiaries, which comprise he following three listed entities, with a combined market capitalization of about ARMS billion (US$14 billion). *as at 30 September 2008) The Gentling Group was founded in 1965 by the late Tan Sir (Dry. ) Limit Gogh Tong with the development of a beautiful highlands resort, named Gentling Highlands Resort. Located at 2,000 meters above sea level and 58 kilometers from Koala Lump in Malaysia, Gentling Highlands Resort Is now one AT ten world ‘s leaning Integrated entertainment resorts, attracting 19.

Million visitors in 2007. The global financial crisis and escalating inflationary erasures impacted many large multinationals.

The Group’s strategic initiatives including cost control measures and cautious approach ensured that our underlying businesses remained strong despite the rising costs and falling global demand. Strengths/Weaknesses (SOOT) ? Helpful ? To achieving the objective Harmful ? To achieving the objective ? Internal Origin (Attributes of the organization) Strengths Strong liquidity position Strong financial performance Diversified business operations W-Weaknesses: inside matters Gentling broke its uptrend line .

Gentling reported its results for SQUISH ending 1/3/2008 on May 29th.

The net profit declined 14. 6% q-o-q or 33. 1% y-o-y to ARMOR. 4 million. Turnover of RIM. 164 billion was 6.

6% higher than the same quarter last year, but 3. 8% lower than the immediately preceding quarter. The 33. 1%-drop in net profit, when compared to the same quarter last year, was attributable to one-off gain recorded previously, such as the ARMOR. 7 million net gain arising from the dilution of its shareholdings in Resorts World and Gentling International PL as well as a gain on dilution of ARMS. Million arising from Resorts World’s investment in Star Cruises.

The 14. %-drop in net profit, when compared to the immediately preceding quarter, was attributable to lower profits from the Leisure & Hospitality Division (due to lower visitors arrival Gentling Highlands Resort & its I-J casinos) as well as the Plantation Division (due to lower Preproduction) Technically speaking, Gentling has broken below its immediate uptrend line support of RIM. 1 5. The next supports are at RIM. 20 & RIM. 50.

Weaknesses Limited investor confidence Weak performance in the plantations Limited Geographic Presence External Origin (Attributes of the environment) Opportunities Strategic acquisitions Resort World at Santos (ROWS) Improvement in Malaysian tourism sector O-opportunities: outside matters Gentling foresaw the opportunities for the Singapore casino and Gentling wins bid for Singapore casino . For the information shares of Gentling, the biggest casino operator In Salsa Dye market value, recorder tenet Delegates Jump In at least II years Monday after the company won a bid to build a $3. Billion resort in Singapore. Gentling shares Jumped 2. 75 ringing, or 9. 4 percent, to 32 ringing on the Koala Lump stock exchange, the biggest increase since Jan.

14, 2000. Gentling also owns Star Cruises, the largest Asian cruise line and a partner in the Santos bid, and Gentling Highlands, a cluster of hotels around casinos on a mountain top near the Malaysian capital. Shares of Star Cruises rose as much as 53 percent in Hong Kong. The winning bid prompted banks to increase target prices for Gentling stock. Credit Issue Group lifted its target to 37.

25 ringing from 28. 5 ringing. UBS raised its price forecast 30th. ringing from 29. 7 ringing. Gentling expects the resort to generate 15 billion Singapore dollars a year in tourism spending, and plans to spend 200 million Lars a year to rejuvenate the project over arrears.

The company has said the casino could generate as much as $2 billion in gambling revenue in the first year. Limit is betting the Singapore project will help the company leapfrog Hurrah’s Entertainment and Wynn Resorts to become the world’s third-largest gaming- operator by market value.. T-Threats: outside matters After us doing the research, the threat that Gentling facing is intermediate financial risk.

Gentling maintains a conservative capital structure and a consistent healthy financial profile, due to its strong cash flow generation.

Coupled with a measured approach toward acquisitive growth, Gentling funds from operations (OFF) to debt averaged 64% in the past three years, which compares favorably against industry peers. With the proportionate consolidation of financially weaker associate, Star Cruises, cash flow measures, while low, remained adequate, with three-year average OFF to debt at 32. 4%and EBITDA interest cover at lox. Plus, single-site risk of gaming business also one of the threats.

Gentian’s gaming operations are exposed to single-site risk, as most of its facilities are located at Gentling Highlands in Malaysia. The country’s largely Muslim population imposes added risk to regulatory environment, expanding gaming market although such risk has been lessened with the more moderate National Front Coalition in power.

In the other hand, Gentling also faces increasing competitive threats from an in the region, e. G. , Macaw and Singapore. Nevertheless,Gentling derives most of its revenue from the steady grind market at home, which is more resistant to competition.

Threats Legislative changes in gaming sector Economic condition in I-J Growing competition Gentling Bertha (Gentling) is a Malaysia-based investment holding and management many. Its diverse business portfolio and its strong liquidity position place it at an edge over its peers.

Gentian’s weak operational performance and declining returns could be of concern. The company’s growth could be restricted by factors such as competition and economic situation in I-J. However, the company could stand to gain from ROWS, its resort project in Santos (Singapore).

Matrix STAR I QUESTION MARKS I ROWS (GENES)RIM (GENES) I Plantation (GENE) Macaw (GENES) Juror land bank (GENE) Oil & Gas (GENT) I CASHEW I DOG I RUG (GENE) JENNY (GENE) GENUS (GENE) NC amp; SSL (GENES) I power (GENT) walker Digital (GENE)Rank Group (GENE) Colombo sank (GENT, GENES)Landmarks (GENT) I (I) Priorities the Stars. More attention should be paid on ROWS and RIM given their strong earnings growth and market share potential. Singapore is a guaranteed duopoly market Up to 2016, and is tipped to be the second largest gaming market in Asia (201 OF: US$3.

B; 201 IF: US$4. B).

As for the Philippines, Manila Bay will only see new supply after 3-4 Years, leaving RIM as the only private casino operator with a new IR at Newport City to thump Pastor’s tired casinos. (it) Milk the Cashews. RUG has proven to be highly profitable (40% EBITDA margin) due to its monopoly status in Malaysia, churning steady free scofflaws of ;RIM b p. A.

In order to stave off rising competition from Singapore IRs, RUG should focus on rejuvenating its properties (already allocating additional Room capes to refurbish hotels over next 6 months) and more effective marketing initiatives to retain maidenhair as well as tap into new markets.

Other assets which have potential to be cashews (high market share but lower growth potential, mainly in more matured market Gentling I-J (largest casino operator in I-J); Gentling New York (owns Aqueduct which could end up as the largest New York Racine given its proximity to Manhattan, Chinatown and JEFF Airport); and NC ; SSL (third largest cruise operator in the world) Given Gene’s attractive valuation, massive war chest (Raman post-acquisition of Gentling UK + upfront license fee for Gentling New York) and strong cash generating operations, GENT may be encouraged to increase its stake in GENE (if not privatized).

As Gentling I-J and Gentling New York become more profitable in the longer term, these may be spun-off to unlock value. As for GENES, we understand NC Intently wend with private equity Apollo Management) may be listed as early as II 2011. Ann.

‘s net yield has been rising since QUO, with EBITDA expected to hit IIS$mm p. A. Vs. sass’s IIS$mm. Assuming xx EVE/EBITDA (average for cruise and gaming operators), Genie’s stake could be worth IIS$mm or cent/share (fully diluted, after share of Ann.

‘s net debt). (iii) Weigh carefully the Question Marks.

Assets with high growth but low market share potential include: Plantation. GENE is only a mid-size player compared to regional peers. Long-term growth could come from its ask ha in Indonesia that is only 21% planted.

While highly profitable and scofflaws generative, GENE is less of a strategic fit to the Group. GENT should consider Unlocking value – its 55% controlling stake is currently worth RIM. B (85 seen/GENT share). Oil & gas: a De supposes TOT given minimal synergy to ten Group, null capes requirement and exploration risk.

We understand GENT is currently in discussion with interested parties – its 95% stake could be worth Rummy or Essen/GENT share.

Kulak’ landmark: The opening of premium outlets by end- 2011 could re-rate the entire k acres earmarked for property development. 44 acres has been sold to GENE Simon Property Group JP for Rammers Vs. current book value of ?Remaps. Later phases may include the development of a water theme park and hotels, to leverage on rising tourist arrivals to Singapore and catalytic developments in Sandbar Malaysia.

Assuming a conservative valuation of Remaps, Genes Juror property land bank (including another k acres in Bath Path) could Add RMI . 90/share to sum-of-parts (to RIM.

10). GENE may consider disposing some less strategic parcels (after the premium outlets are up and running) to unlock value and speed up development progress. Coat’ land. Held under a 75:25 JP with SUM, the land could command scarcity premium given Macaw government’s 3-year freeze on new casino applications and ban on land reclamation for casino operations. But timing for commencement of operations remains uncertain given the government’s table cap (5,500 up to 2013).

Although rather small (2 acres) and competition is Intensifying with Galaxy Macaw and Parcels 5 & 6 opening in 2011/12, the asset is strategic to the Group to penetrate Macaw, which should benefit from China’s low gaming penetration rate, rising discretionary spending/ private wealth, and infrastructure improvements.

(iv) Divest the Dogs. We identified some assets which GENT should consider disposing given low growth and market share potential: Power: While we are tempted to classify this asset as a cashew, earnings from China power plants had been volatile in the absence of automatic pass-through of coal prices.

GENT is still negotiating with the China government for a tariff hike (the last one was in Junco). It had openly stated before that its power operations (including independent power producers in Malaysia and India) are for sale – they are potentially worth RIM. B or Essen/GENT share.

Rank Group: Although the second largest casino operator in the I-J after Gentling I-J, we see little synergy from GENES’ small stake given Auk’s strict anti- monopolistic laws. At best, it may help Gentling I-J keep tab of Ranks plans (biggest major shareholder is Hong Leone Group with 29% stake).

I-J gaming market has proven to be challenging, marred by a nascent economic recovery, adverse regulatory changes, and intense competition. GENES’ stake is worth S$mm (1 cent/GENES share). Landmarks: GENT built up its 30% stake back in 2006-07.

The net cash property pullover owns 338 ha in Fabian Island (I-hour ferry ride from Singapore), including a license to operate gaming resorts (issued under regional regulation). However there has been no progress to date execution risks in Indonesian strong Muslim population (gaming Is Illegal unaware Islam & stall Deanna unaware notational law) Ana political instability.

GENT’S stake is worth ARMOR m (seen/GENT share). Walker Digital Gaming: Gene’s acquisition of a 10% stake in the Us-based R&D company in Novel was heavily criticized by shareholders (related party transaction, low earnings visibility). To date, GENE has recognized Rummy impairment on its Rummy investment (remaining book value of Rearm). Colombo Bank: GENT and GENES have collectively acquired 26% stake in Union Bank of Colombo (Rearm investment), one of the smaller Sir Lankan banks that is planning to go public within a year.

This could be a Neff investment opportunity, or pre-cursor to bigger things such as a casino license or power plant in Sir Lankan. Case Study I Nexus Resort Grammarian PROFILE Jota Kimball,Malaysia Jota Kimball is the capital of Saba state in Malaysia and its larger urban area has n estimated population of 700,000, making it the largest urban centre in Saba and sixth largest in Malaysia. Jota Kimball is a major tourist destination and a popular gateway for travelers visiting Saba and Borneo.

It is also one of the major industrial and commercial centers of East Malaysia, making Jota Kimball one of the fastest growing cities on Malaysia. The Customer Nexus Resort Grammarian, set within Saba, is a destination easily accessible via most major cities.

It nestles upon the sandy fringe of the spectacular Grammarian peninsula, 30 SMS Northeast of Jota Kimball city, the state’s capital, and 40 SMS way from the International Airport. Nexus Resort Grammarian, an award winning 5- Star Beach Resort, lies positioned on 3,335 acres of unrivalled natural and landscaped surroundings on the spectacular Grammarian Peninsula.

A 6 km pristine white sandy beach and million year tropical rainforest’s poise as majestic margin and backdrop. The 3,335 acres of natural and landscaped surroundings create a perfect background for all 485 well-appointed guestrooms, suites and luxury villas, eight restaurants and bars and an almost endless array of leisure and recreational activities. An 18-hole championship golf course and an exclusive Borneo Spa implement the superb facilities of Nexus Resort Grammarian.

Not only is Nexus an ideal place to discover the romanticism and mysticism of Malaysian Borneo, it also caters for families on vacation to spend quality fun time together.

Within the Beach Resort, families can take part in the daily fun activities like water sports and making local handicrafts. Kids can also be occupied with fun activities like fish feeding, clay painting, kite flying or even try out local games. Customer Requirements Nexus Resort Grammarian was looking for a reliable and environmentally-friendly roadman infrastructure capable of handling voice, video and data application with minimal service disruption. Good technical support was also critical in their selection criteria.

In addition, Nexus also needed to future proof their network to cater for growth.

Nexus Resort Grammarian selected Allied Telexes to provide the overall solution. Allied Telexes demonstrated good technical knowledge and a complete solution that met and exceeded their requirements. Challenges Nexus Resort Karakul, Delving a leader In ten resort Ministry In East Malaysia, NAS to face strong competition. Nexus Resort Grammarian must constantly provide the est.

services and facilities in order to retain a loyal customer base. Maintaining high occupancy is crucial to Nexus Resort Grammarian’s bottom line and one of their key target segment is corporate customers.

With the extensive conference facilities, it is only appropriate to have a good Broadband infrastructure to cater to the needs of this customer segment. The Solution CIT Data centre The Allied Telexes Alliterative Network Management Software is installed to manage, monitor and provision the Allied Telexes products pro-actively. By leveraging on the monitoring, analysis and configuration tools in the Alliterated Network Management Software, network administrators can quickly identify the problems in the network and rectify them quickly.

The Villas ; Suites Nexus Resorts Grammarian reception building houses the new CIT Data Centre which will be the centre of their operations.

In this location, two AT-Subsets core switches are installed. The first core switch is part of the Spring backbone providing connectivity to the ‘MAP. The second core switch provides connectivity to the server farm and CIT users. In between these core switches, a firewall is installed to separate the internal outwork from the residence network. This firewall will have a connection to an AT- ARAS’S Gigabit router for Internet access.

Benefits of the New Solution High Availability with Fast Convergence The high availability advantage of the solution comes from Resilient Redundant Ring between the CIT Centre and map platforms running at each substation.

Allied Telexes’ carriageway resiliency feature, Ethernet Protection Switching Ring (PEPS), ensures mission-critical services are not interrupted in the event of facility or node outages. PEPS provides failover times of less than 50 ms. The map is an environmentally hardened platform that will withstand operating temperatures up to 65 degree Celsius.

The map is networked together using Epstein, ensuring carrier- grade (99. 999%) network availability. The map is optimized for delivery of voice, video and data services.

By leveraging bandwidth efficient IP multicast and IGMP, with advance features including IP filtering, DDCD relay and Layer 4 IP flow metering, it is optimized for video services delivery where So capability and security is critical. The video optimized features can also be used to handle closefisted video for security rebalanced in the Villas & Suites Nexus Resorts Grammarian.

Additional Information of Gentling Group Siebel System, Inc. (Nasdaq:SABLE), a leading provider of multinational business applications software, today announced that Gentling, Malaysia’s premier leisure and hospitality company, has implemented Siebel business Applications. The company has deployed the rich functionality of Siebel Call Center and Siebel Sales, adopting Siebel best practices for the travel and transportation industry, to create a single, comprehensive view of each customer relationship, enhancing its ability to identify, win, and retain customers.