Gerdau Ameristeel

Gerdau Ameristeel is the fourth largest overall steel company and second largest steel producer in North America. It provides steel scrap recycling facilities and serves the customer throughout the North America.Many indicators exist in the economy of the company. These indicators are explained with the historical and forecast data as under.Name of IndicatorDecember 31, 2009(US $ in thousands)Net Income (Loss)Foreign Exchange netTable 1: Shows the statistics of the financial year from the 31 March 2009 to 31 March 2010.

The Gerdau Ameristeel has made the foreign exchange of $13.32 million till the 31 March 2010 in twelve months. This figure is very optimistic. Gerdau Ameristeel has soared 51 percent after the parent company would pay $11 a share that it doesn’t own. It is reported that an income of the $ 25 million for the months ended March 31, 2010. Due to cost reduction the shipment volume increased.

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Increase in shipment level and scrap prices also increases the capital investment. On March 31, Company had 433,492,864 common sharing outstanding.Gerdau Ameristeel uses the alternative energy resources for the energy generation. Gerdau Ameristeel has installed two power stations with total capacity of 155 Megawatts.During the last two years financial margins of the Gerdau S.

A was consolidated asFinancial MarginsTable 2: Showing the financial marginsTable 3: Shows the exchange rate as of December 31.It is al so reports that Environmental management has shown the slightly rise of by-products reuse in 2009 as compare to 2008. It was 78.5 % in 2009 and 78.2 % in 2008. Investment in this sector remained as 173 (R$ million) in 2009 and 201 (R$ million) in 2008.

It can be said that much about the key indicators of Gerdau Ameristeel have been focused. It is expected that Gerdau Ameristeel is to invest R$ 9.5 billion in Next five years. Gerdau Ameristeel is set to achieve the annual ore production rate of 2.7 million metric tons in 2010; this production will reach at 54 million tons ore production per one year.