Gillette Case Study

Case Study on Gillette:

Gillette is the company which produces the personal care goods and appliances for shaving. The Gillette Company was founded in 1901 in the USA by King C. Gillette, an inventor of the safety razors. Since that time the company has been developing its appliances and production and offers a wide choice of products: safety razors, shaving systems, accessories for shaving and personal care products.

Gillette produces also goods for women and the choice of the products is even higher than for the male series. In 2005 Gillette was absorbed with its relative companies (Oral-B, Braun, Duracell) by Procter & Gamble for 57 billion dollars and now Gillette is simply a part of the great corporation. Speaking about the products of Gillette it has a great choice of razor systems and every system has its own name which is protected with the copyright law. In spite of being the American company Gillette has its plants in Brazil, Mexico, China, Germany, Poland and Russia.Being one of the leaders on the market of tools for shaving Gillette has a long history of the development of its safety razors. Nowadays Gillette produces the classic safety razors which resemble the ones which were produced in the first half of the 20th century and they are called Rubie Platinum plus.

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Nearly every year Gillette introduces the new version of the improved razors which are supposed to be better and safer. In addition, in order to provide the client with everything essential for shaving the company manufactures personal care goods which make the process of shaving effective and faster.Gillette has become a brand which is associated with safety razors, so it will be useful for students to research the history and the secrets of the company’s success. Gillette case study is aimed at the research of the definite problem related with the brand and one should operate only the trustworthy facts while investigating the case. Students are expected to pay attention to the cause and effect of the problem and analyse the most favourable ways out of the given problem. Students can demonstrate their professional skills and critical thinking while analysing the information of Gillette and its activity.

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