Good Job Strategy

Many people struggle over friendship, love, school grades, homework, and much more. But nobody really says much about how much the businessman and businesswoman struggle with their company. Businessmen and businesswoman always try to get more out of their business and even though there’s many ways to do that, the best way is to get a good job strategy. Every company needs a good job strategy, which cannot be achieved unless its ‘human-centered operations strategy’ where employees are treated well and that way, the company can be more profitable than any other companies.

So, some companies had proven to the world that ‘human centered operations strategy’ works. A Spanish grocery store chain called Mercadona, which is a company of gas/store stations is making a great profit in their business. Sure, many people say that if you want to be more profitable, you need to give employees less money and just less everything so they can get more money out of it and not give some of the money to the employees. However, Mercadona treats its employees very well and get them more trained as in like professionally teaching them how things work and making the employees professional as well. And still, Mercadona has managed to keep it’s company running and more profitable. In fact, Mercadona also has a very low, pretty much none, percentage of its annual turnover of its employees, which is four percent.

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This is evidence that the company has treating their employees well since most of them are staying and keep working there. Also, there’s another Spanish grocery chain called QuikTrip have their employees get decent salaries, four weeks of training that costs the company $5,000, stable schedules, and still manage to keep their products’ prices low. Many companies who treat their employees badly were asked on why do they do it that way and got the same answers: because it’s the only way to keep the prices low and the company running. However, QuikTrip is treating their employees well and manage to get their prices low which shows other people that treating employees better and keeping prices low would be possible and could be done. If QuikTrip can do it and is still running its company, then other companies can do it as well.

Of course, QuikTrip can be just hanging desperately for dear life and might be worrying about money and low prices and high costs for the employees. However, as some people may know, QuikTrip is an $11 billion company with 722 stores. This means that the company is still profitable even though they spend a lot of money on just the employees. They still pay their employees middle-class wages and even though at the time it seems like they’re spending money, on the long run, they’re making money. This is because since they pay middle-class wages to the employees, they can get the most out of the employees. No company should ever complain or make an excuse over on the reason that they’re not treating their employees well is that because that’s the only way to still be profitable and have low prices.

The two Spanish companies have proved to the world that yes it is possible for the companies to treat their employees well as well as keeping the prices low and having a lot of profits. So, since it is proven to the people that ‘human-centered operations strategy’works, it is clear that it’s the best ‘good job strategy’ the companies have.