Good vs Evil

Good against evil is one of the themes in the novel a Separate Peace, this theme also applies in the real world in many ways. We see examples of good vs evil on a day to day bases and may not even realize it.

War is an example of good against evil. In the novel Gene is kind of at war with himself about what he did. He was jealous of his best friend and roommate Finny. One day they were in a tree when Gene shook the tree to make Finny fall. He feels bad about what he did and wants to tell Finny it was his fault but he doesn’t know how or what he should do.

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There are many evil people in the world but everyone has a little evil in them that is just a part of being human but some people are very evil. I don’t think Gene is evil for what he did, he isn’t a bad person he just had a lot of feelings build up inside and something came over him that made him do what he did. He didn’t mean for Finny to get hurt bad he was just tried of Finny being the best at everything he did without even trying. Gene didn’t think it was fair. In the bible there are very many examples of good against evil. In one story from the bible Josephs brothers sold him to slavery and then lied to their father telling him they didn’t know where Joseph was and that he had left.

Gene also did something bad to someone he is close with then lied about it. He was going to tell Finny but he didn’t and when people questioned him about what happened he lied and told them that Finny fell on his own. There are examples of good against evil around us everywhere as well in this novel. Gene and people in the real world are faced with choices to make and some of those choices are good or evil and the battle against good and evil is constantly going on.