Executive Summary Google Inc. Case Study

Executive Summary Google Inc. Was started In 1998 by Sergey Bring and Larry Page as a small scale search engine as a garage company.

The founders had little Idea about how big their company will be in coming years. Google, now, being the biggest search engine, has become a word in the English language (Bat 2007). Google have also been rated the best company to work for in the year 2012 by Fortune. It proves that Google takes care of its employees and creates a good work environment to work in. But having said that, the question that needs to be answered now is that Is there any possible way of making Google work In a better way?

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Can Google treat Its employees better and make It a better workplace? How can you Improve the best? Are there any flaws in the way Google manages its employees? These are very difficult questions to be answered, especially if the company in question is Google. Google takes in account every aspect to make Google Inc.

, the best place to work at. By doing this, Google inspires its employees to work better towards the company. And it also shows in the success of Google. No doubt It Is beneficial to the company, but are the employees benefited by this?

Or could Google do something differently so that the employees an be benefited? These issues will be dealt with in detail in the following sections. Table of Contents 1.

Executive Summary 1 Table of Contents 2. Introductions 3_ Google’s Success 3 3. 1. Based on Mascots Theory 3 3. 2. Based on Miscellany’s Theory 4 4.

Organizational Values 4 4. 1. Hiring practices 4 4. 2. Job Design Principle 5 5.

Leadership Approach 5 5. 1. Type of Leadership 5 5. 2. Google vs..

Apple 6. Conclusion 7 7. References 9 2. Introduction Google’s mall motive towards the company Is to create a strong culture.

Google craves to create the best working environment for its employees. It has a very unique way of motivating them. As mentioned before, Google is the number one company to work with, and it is proven by the number of applications it gets per day. It’s astonishing to see how the company deals with so many applications and how it hires people from that. Google has listed out Its top ten reasons for why people want to work In Google and how they have such a good working environment.

This report analyzes ten motivational tonsures uses Dye Google Ana now good t proves to De to develop the organization.

And it also looks at Google’s hiring practices by pointing out he ways and means they use to hire people out of such large number of applicants. It also discusses Google’s Job design principle and tries to find out which principle Google concentrates on and why. The last topic discussed in this report is Google’s top ten reasons for working at their company. It talks about the ten points in detail and points out how it helps the employees of Google. It also tries to explore the nature of leadership style adopted by Google and how it effect the company environment.

3. Google’s Success 3. . Based on Mascots Theory Mascots motivational need model consists of 5 needs. First one is biological and physiological needs, which is the basic survival needs, of food, air, water, warmth, shelter, sleep and health. It doesn’t have to be mentioned that Google does provide with all the biological and physiological needs.

But it cannot be argued that this is the reason for their success as all the companies do provide with these basic needs. So coming to the next need, it is safety needs, consisting of security, stability, law, order, limits, protection from elements, etc.

Even this is not a criterion for comparison with other companies as this is also provided as basic need in the company. The other three needs might be considered for difference in Google working environment or in some ways does differ from the other companies. The next of the needs, social needs, which is family, friends, love, affection, work group, etc. , is one of the needs which Google provides to its employees.

The work environment is very friendly and supportive. And as far as family is concerned, it allows the young parents to get their kids in the company and has arranged for taking care of them.

After that is the esteem needs, which focuses on achievement, prestige, status, independence, responsibility, etc. And Google gives lots of opportunities for its employees to explore and innovate and implement their ideas. It is known that, as a motivation technique, Google uses a policy often called Innovation Time Off, where Google engineers are encouraged to spend 20% of their work time on projects that interest them. So it proves that Google gives good opportunities to its employees to execute their ideas, which other companies fail to do.

And finally there is, self-actualization needs, which relates to personal growth, realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking knowledge and meaning, etc. 3. 2. Based on Miscellany’s Theory But this is Just the general scenario of what Google gives its employees. This doesn’t reflect the proper perspective as to why Google is so successful.

Another theory which can depict Google’s success is, Miscellany’s Motivational Theory. The theory proposed by David McClellan has 3 different motivators, determined by the person’s personality. They are, achievement motivated, authority motivated, affiliation motivated.

Google provides its employees with new challenges and gives them space for innovation. This makes the employees achievement motivated, which leads to a eater participation from all the employees and makes them enjoy their work.

The Google employees, or Goggles, work to Tuttle tenet passion, more than Tort money. ‘Ho Goggles, it’s not so much about the money as it is about the passion’ (Chem. et. Al). Google has in place a Founder’s Award, which rewards employee’s entrepreneurial ventures, to nurture passion and facilitate innovation. This focuses on Google keeping its employees authority motivated by recognizing their work and innovation.

Google keeps its employees affiliation motivated by having a friendly work environment. For example, the new employees at Google are affectionately called Engorges and are provider with their own Google buddy to make them blend into the company and make them feel comfortable in the work environment. So, all in all, Google motivates its employees using all 3 motivators proposed by McClellan, which, in a way, explains why Google has been so successful. 4. Organizational Values 4.

1. Hiring practices Google has a unique way of hiring people. They are very particular about the way hiring process should be.

Their hiring practice, as they put it, is “We hire people who re great at what they do and interesting to work with”. They have certain principles for hiring which are very unique. Some are, they “hire individuals who have interests and activities that ‘Jump of the page’ and make you want to talk to them” and another one is, they “hire only when you have found a great candidate”.

Basically, they look to hire people who have values and goals same as the company. ‘At Google, hiring is an art form that is consistent with their culture and the approach they take to many of their employee focused practices’ (Creating Trust: It’s worth the effort).

This method f hiring ensures that they recruit only the best people for the Job. By doing that, Google improves its market value and increases the productivity, resulting in its success. 4.

2. Job Design Principle The Job design principle has 4 main perspectives, mechanistic, motivational, biological and perceptual motor. Out of these, Google’s approach is more towards motivational. The motivational perspective of Job design, as quoted by Champion ; Thayer (1987), is that ‘it takes in account social or people-interaction aspects as well as task variety, feedback and achievement’ (Champion ; Thayer 1987).

As issued earlier, Google provides a friendly and playful environment to its employees and encourages its employees to innovate and implement their own ideas.

The employees get freedom to explore their talent and get rewarded for their good work. According to that, it can be said that, Google focuses on motivational aspect of Job design principle. The employees tend to work better in such environment and produce better results. The Job is done faster and as there are streams of new ideas, the employees get new opportunities. This leads to a better growth of the company and hence, contributing towards the success of Google. Leadership Approach 5.

1 . Type of Leadership It is now understood that, working at Google is a different experience. It’s probably the most desired Job. To point that out, Google has listed its top ten reasons for working in their company. The top ten reasons listed indicates the culture adopted by Google. These reasons sum up Google’s culture in four ways: creative, purposeful, Tune Ana rehearing (lowers u).

Can AT ten ten reasons can De alehouses Ana categorized in these four points. Suppose, one of the ten reasons, ‘lend a helping hand’, can be said purposeful as it shows that employees help to provide information.

Similarly the points, such as, ‘good company everywhere you look and ‘uniting the world, one user at a time’, fall under the same category. These points define a purpose for the company and its employees. It shows that the work environment in Google is very friendly and the employees cooperate and work for the betterment of the company.

The points which tell about its creativeness are, ‘innovation is our bloodline’ and ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’. These two points are based on the creativity of the company and the employee independently. Google gives its employees lots of opportunity to create and develop their own innovations.

By doing this, Google makes sure that its employees are exposed to different challenges. And by supporting them, Google also gains their trust and utilizes their creativity in a right direction. As far as fun is concerned, Google puts a lot of effort in mixing fun and work.

This reduces the work pressure on the employees and makes them work effectively. The points that indicates its fun quotient are, Work and play are not mutually exclusive’ and there is such a thing as a free lunch after all’. If it’s all work and no play, it’s very hard to keep focus and work effectively.

By tenting the employees including play in their work, Google adopts a very effective motivational strategy. Another good motivational strategy used is, providing free lunch for its employees. Coming to the last of the characteristics, a very important factor of working in a company is rewarding.

It’s always encouraging when someone gets recognized or rewarded for the work. The points Google has put down, which falls into that category are, ‘life is beautiful’, ‘appreciation is the best motivation’ and We love our employees, and we want them to know it’. Google doesn’t hesitate in giving credit to the employee for performing well.

It’s not Just the personal rewards that the employees get from Google, it’s also the satisfaction of working for the success of the company. These ten reasons pointed out by Google prove that the company craves towards motivation of its employees. It can be derived that the leadership style implied by Google is more of a motivational and democratic, as the employees get to do what they desire and have very little pressure from their leaders.

5. 2. Google vs.. Apple The work culture of Google is very much different than that of many companies. For instance, let us take the case of Apple.

The culture of Apple is more of product oriented. It focuses mainly on its product than the betterment of its employees. In Apple, there is one boss and people have to follow him. It’s more of a dictatorial environment in Apple. Unlike Google, employees do not get to implement their ideas and put down their views. The working culture of those two are almost opposite to each other.

One of the main reasons why Google scores higher than Apple in working environment is the way it treats its employees. The difference in leadership style between the two companies causes the difference in the work culture. Conclusion Looking at all ten above plants Ana considering all ten perspectives, ten report can concluded by saying that, Google is indeed the best company in terms of working environment. The report has discussed Google’s leadership approach, the motivational theory its success is based on and reasons why working at Google is better than working at any other company. First of all, Google’s motivational theory was discussed and explained through Miscellany’s Motivational Theory.

It was found that Google satisfies all 3 motivators proposed by McClellan in his theory. Secondly,

Google’s hiring practices and the Job design principle were looked upon. Google uses a unique technique to hire people and hiring process concentrates only on the people who tend to fit best in the company. And the next thing which was discussed was Google’s Job design principle, and it was concluded that the Job design principle used by Google is motivational. Finally, the leadership approach of Google was looked upon.

Google uses motivational kind of leadership approach. And it was then compared with that of Apple’s, which has more of a dictatorial type of leadership.