Guide to Managerial Communication

The essentiality of communication in any organization is undisputable. As a manager, the ability to communicate to the staff and also the client is of great essence for the organization to be able to serve the clients and deliver on the shareholders objectives. Management communication is aimed at preparing the manger for the leadership position associated with the job as the manager.

The communication has to be viewed from all the dimensions. The views from organizational, managerial and corporate points have to be taken into account as one prepares for the challenges fronted to the manager as also a communicator (Dance, 1990). Understanding your audience and your purpose is fundamental in determining the critical attributes to be encompassed on the document including the strategy, the format and word choices. In your strategy, on must also take into account the audience`s interests and possible biases since they have incredible impact on the communication strategy. Communication in management aids in broadening the understanding and conceptualization of the contemporary communication at the same time giving leeway for the development of one`s skills and abilities.

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As a manager you play critical role in motivating and leading the stakeholders, the awareness on how to analyze and understand the audience will be necessary. As a manager, you may play a role of leading, liaising, interpret, advocating, disseminate or even act as the spokesperson. Communication management should be able to help one in understanding essential factors to be considered when communication in any given role or situation (Clampitt, 1991). As the communication manager, one should be able build their knowledge on the best practices and issues involved in present day`s compelling and essential management communication confrontations. The essential skills will also aid in boosting ones personal written, oral, and visual communication skills by availing fundamental opportunities to practice existing and new techniques in various tasks one may be required to partake.