Hamlet & Chris Dorner both insane

Have you ever had to observe a loved one go insane? Seeing someone you love go insane is one of the saddest things that can happen to a person.

In the play Hamlet, His loved ones and family members have to suffer by watching Hamlet turn from a average sane person to turning completely insane. Hamlet lose’s his mind after his father (The King) is murdered. Chris Dorner resemble’s Hamlet because they both seem to have lost something the both loved. In Hamlet’s situation he loved his father (The King). In Chris Dorner’s situation he loved the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and lost them to him believing that they are a corrupt system.

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In the play Hamlet out of paranoia, he kills his ex-girlfriend’s father thinking it was his uncle. In real life Chris Dorner kills police officers because he feels that he, and the people of America have been betrayed by the LAPD. You can realize that Hamlet has gone insane after watching or reading the play. He talks to himself very often and seems to make sense to himself. A variety of people say things to themselves and that isn’t very insane but Hamlet has full on conversations with himself, that is not a average thing a sane person would do.

At the gates, Hamlet claims to have seen a ghost. No one else but the guards claim to have seen the ghost. It is very hard to believe a person saying that they have seen a ghost when they alreay sound like they have lost their mind and wether the person believes if ghost are or are not a real thing. At first Chris Dorner seem’s like a average american who was in the police academy, to some you could say that he was a hero while he was in the force. While being with the LAPD Chris Dorner starts to see things in a different perspective of the system and the way that they take care of there business. After not being able to handle it and keep it to himself he goes insane and kills police officers feeling as he is doing justice.

Committing a crime is not justice to any sane person. The way that these two people have chose to do things is not right. No person in the right mind would have done anything like that. These two people have lost their minds and can not handle themselves and are neither safe to be around others. In the end both of these characters ended up dead and not very well loved.