Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter series a world of equality is intended to be depicted. Surprisingly, it can be noticed that women are inferior in relation to men as they only occupy the secondary positions.

Men have dominance everywhere. However, there are few women who are outstanding as they are able to make to the top levels and play important roles as the story revolves, for example, Professor Minerva McGonagall, who becomes a head mistress, and Hermione Granger, who helps Harry Potter to fight evil forces. Indeed, there are no formal rules that are used to ensure that there is equality between men and women. They hold inferior positions and do not have greater say or influence. Men hold superior positions and are dominant everywhere.

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To their best, women are only able to secure secondary positions while men hold the top most positions (Silvester, 2010). This implies that lack of forced equality does not provide any means for which rights and inequality are adhered to. “Harry Potter” depicts a situation where inequality is pervasive but seems to be accepted by everyone. On the other hand, female characters play an important role in Harry Potter’s series. However, they do not form the main characters.

The books vividly depict a scenario where women are inferior to men (Gunelius, 2008). Through the novel, Harry Potter gives preference to male characters. Nevertheless, they play a positive role and act as a role model to the readers. Some critics argue that by depicting male characters as more superior to women it does not directly indicate that Harry Potter was sexist. Female Characters Although depicted as inferior, female charaters play crucial roles in the development of the book.

Some of these women include; Hermione, Professor Minerva, Ginney, and Olympie Maxine among others. Hermione Granger is a major character. Initially, she did not have a family history that was associated with magic. Later, she is able to acquire the talent and turns out to be a powerful magician (Gunelius, 2008). The author describes her as “a well and bloody” character.

She is able to perform some of the hardest chores such as fighting against the villains, as well as hexing and jinxing especially to the school bullies.Professor Minerva McGonagall is a dominant character in the novel. She plays a leading role in most of the series. She is the head mistress whom Joanne Rowling depicts as a strict and fair woman. She is a role model in the book as she is able to make to the top of the society unlike other women who hold secondary positions being headed by men.

Ginny is the youngest in Molleys family of seven children. She is just mentioned in the first series but comes again in the second series. She is manipulated by Voldemort’s alter egos. However, she is able to prove herself as a highly talented witch from the fourth series. Thus, through serious magic; she is able to revenge against her tormentor (Gunelius, 2008).

Potter seems to be interested in her. However, towards the end of the book, they had not solemnized their relationship. She turns out to be a hero. Fleur Delacour is another major female character in the book. She is a gorgeous woman who appears in the fourth series. We later meet this character in the sixth series when her fiance Bill Wesley is bitten by a wolf.

Wesley decides to end their relationship as she sees him be “so swallow and unlovablee”. Initially, Fleur thought that gorgeous woman did not know how to love. Olympie Maxine is a minor character. She is a giantess. She forms a relationship with Hagrid who is also a giant. They are companions as they have the same mission of finding other giants who could challenge them.

She is highly portrayed in the fourth series. Bellatrix LeStrange is another female character in the novel. She is depicted as a “bad guy” having spent most of her years in prison. She affects other good guys with her evil character. This is especially Harry among other people she is close to.

Nymphadora is depicted as a passionate woman. She is a talented witch. Some of her outstanding talents in witch craft include: changing her image as well as sensing her potential betrayers. She plays a major role in the last three series (Heilman, 2008). For instance, she is a member of the group that plans against Voldermort. They form the Secret Society against Voldermort.

This forms part of the Order of the phoenix. She helps in development of the story line throughput the book. Tonks is also a member of the Phoenix. She is a talented witch with the capability of changing her look as well as sensing her betrayers. Another woman who plays a vital role in the book is Luna Lovegood.

She conspires several fights. She has a great insight making her a loyal friend to some of the characters. On the other hand, she is a talented witch. Towards the end of the novel, she makes it to one of the three girls. In conclusion, Harry Potter’s series explores his own story. The book is made magnificent by the way the female characters are depicted.

The author is able to feature female characters depicting them as inferior while at the same time playing the most important roles in the book.