Harvard Business School Case Study

It Is owe attempting to transition Into a “bricks and clicks” distributor with a strong Internet presence. It has already made substantial Investments In an commerce web site and In “back office” ERP software to Improve the fulfillment performance of its four distribution centers. The ERP software has not lived up to expectations in all areas, and the company must decide whether to invest in more modules for this system that might address its shortcomings. It must also decide whether to make a significant additional investment in customer relationship management software.

At the time of the case, Moore must decide whether it has “enough” of the “right kind” of IT.

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The decision is complicated by the fact that the company has recently made substantial IT investments that have impacted financial performance and caused organizational disruption. In addition, it is not clear that all of Moor’s known issues related to customer retention and satisfaction will be addressed by the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) under consideration Problems and Challenges faced: From strategy point of view, Moore faces a situation of ? Grow or Go?.

It is presently sandwiched between big suppliers and smaller suppliers and thus presently It is still a ? Me Too? Supplier. Since the business is primarily of distribution, so obviously customer alignment becomes a very important key to success. Moore has rightly sensed this, but till now all the efforts have come in form of Islands only.

Thus, at the time of case, Moore Is facing the mall challenge of having a consolidated and well planned effort to align Itself with customers to grow. This leads to another sub challenge of wows and whys of IT Implementation. The sub challenges are: 1 .

Non-successful implementation of ERP system which doses? T satisfy total needs. 2. Increasing costs of IT implementations and online business.

Products and Services: 3. Has a relatively smaller product range as compared to the larger competitors. I. E. It is not a big force in the market.

Standing among customers: 4. Loosing customers at a rate more than the industry average and doses? T know reasons behind this. 5. Not aware of reasons behind variation in share of wallet and penetration rate in different customer groups. 6.

No effective and efficient demand forecasting and planning system.

Standing among Competitors: 7. Sandwiched between big suppliers and smaller ones. Just has a position of TTT?. 8. Extra cost because of split shipments.

No system to decide SKU to be kept at different distribution centers. Environment: 9. Seeking to differentiate itself by its dedication to service, ease of ordering and knowledgeable, friendly operators. But till now only islands of efforts have been put up and no consolidated effort. 1 . What new systems/ modules should Moore purchase.

Demand Planning Module/ Other ERP modules/ CRM/ no new systems.