Has Transcendentalism been Modernized?

Domestic Violence is everywhere, and you may not know it. It might even be in the home of your next door neighbor or your best friend’s parents. The problem of the matter is the fact that women hide the violence from their friends and family and dodge the help opportunities; maybe from embarrassment or out of fear.

Women don’t speak out or seek to receive help because of what could or what will happen. By continuously allowing this to happen, you will NEVER find aid. 1 and 3 women is or will become a victim of domestic violence. There has been some form of domestic violence that I was aware of, but never witnessed. The organization, Women Thrive is an organization that is non profit, put together by women and men who want to equally work together solving problems dealing with domestic violence internationally in which they believe can solve other issues such as poverty and world hunger.

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These are reasons why we need to care. Willing to donate a dollar a day helps this foundation bigger and better everyday. Striving to change lives for better and more healthy living. This issue is considered a huge part of transcendentalism today because, the women who are experiencing this must learn to use nonconformity, almost in a way that Dr. Martin Luther King did, although it may not endeavor depending on the disturbance the woman is receiving.

The woman must commit to changing behaviors like being that one who wants to make a change and speak for all of the women who are afraid to. She must have integrity with herself as she puts free-thought, self reliance, and confidence all onto the same plate and slowly take a of all three entrees at the same time ensuring that one day she will be the one recognized for the difference she has made. The woman/women need to stand up and speak clearly of what they want, not let a man disclose you on the verdicts you make. Rising and choosing to take the opposite path will take you far. A sterling example was a lady on the news who was a victim of domestic violence finally spoke out to the people and now has her own organization which she has provided cell phones to women who may be in this sticky situation to reach out to that organization and seek attendance immediately.

When you start speaking your mind others will follow because they realize they are not the only ones going through something like this. In another scenario, singer Kelly Rowland admits to her Domestic Violence in a new song titled, Dirty Laundry. Here she tells her story, once hidden and lost, but found the help of her soul sister giving advice all while showing that she’s back newer and stronger proving that she is ready for domination. She shows a great amount of confidence within herself, after it took years of finding who she really was. Just remember, when you stand alone or away from the crowd, you can make changes.

You do not need the whole world there by your side, because after your voice is heard, they will be right there with you.