Health Care and Action Plan

Rezvan Mirzaei University of Phoenix Material Personal Action Plan An action plan is a detailed, step-by-step plan for accomplishing an identified goal.

Complete your personal action plan by answering the questions below. Refer to the program outcomes as a guide while answering your questions. Program Outcomes Graduates will be able to identify the structure and role of delivery systems within the health care industry. Graduates will be able to examine the components of management and leadership within health care organizations. Graduates will be able to analyze the utilization and application of technology within a health care organization.

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Graduates will be able to examine the application of risk and quality management concepts in the health care industry. Graduates will be able to examine the impact of legal and regulatory requirements on the delivery of health care. Graduates will be able to explore financial and economic issues in the health care industry. * Part I * * A personal action plan is a plan you develop to meet personal goals. Instead of focusing on a career goal, consider the personal goals that might help you eventually meet your career goal, or think of goals you want to accomplish for personal satisfaction.

These often relate to education or professional development, aside from the focus of your chosen career. In developing a personal action plan, you will look at your personal strengths and weaknesses and your ability to think strategically, and you will identify the goals you want to achieve. Answer the following questions to help you prepare for your action plan. * * Based on the program outcomes listed above, your program reflection from Week Two, and your program questionnaire from Week One, what would you identify as your greatest strengths? I am highly energetic; I love to learn new things, I process good interpersonal skills; along with being well organized and like to be neat with all my work; I am a good helper towards those who need it. I am a team player and work well with others, I am a quick learner and I possess great problem-solving skills. * * Based on the program outcomes listed above, your program reflection from Week Two, and your program questionnaire from Week One, what would you identify as areas you need to improve? I lose patience sometimes when I am not in a position to complete the assigned job in time.

I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break because I always want everything done at once. I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to relax and I need to develop some after hour’s hobbies. * * * How do you feel you have accomplished the ability to strategize and critically think during the course of your program? * The big irony is that my future is in much better shape even though I focus most of my attention on the present.

By making my present reality as enjoyable as possible, my motivation has just been soaring. I’m working from a state of joy instead of a feeling of obligation. I’ve actually created the very situation I was hoping money would someday grant me.

I imagined what I would do if I was already rich beyond my wildest dreams. I saw myself spending lots of time working on personal growth, doing all sorts of interesting experiments, and then sharing what I learned with others. * * * How have your ethical and personal perspectives evolved since you started this program? My affirmations and positive words along with statements I use repetitively help to build my self-confidence and change my attitude and behaviors. I print affirmations on note cards and type them into a screen saver on my computer. Since I have a strong sense of self-motivation, I believe the skill can be acquired by using positive affirmations.

* * * Based on your answers above, identify at least three areas where you can improve by setting a personal goal. Use these areas to create your goals in Part II of this worksheet. * Part II * Generate your action plan by completing the table below. Identify at least three goals you would like to meet with this action plan. Research action plans on the Internet for help in completing this table. * * | * Goal| * How will I accomplish this goal? | * Who needs to be involved? | * When will it be done? | * What resources are needed? | * What obstacles may arise? | * How will I overcome these obstacles? | * Example Goal| * I want to better understand the role technology will play in the future of health care.

* I will read trade journals and magazines and talk to people in different positions in health care. | * Myself and those I interview. | * It will really be ongoing, but the initial phase should be done in 6 months, by June 15, 2011. | * I need to join some trade organizations in order to read their articles. I also need to find people in different health care careers to interview. | * People may not have an opinion or their opinions may differ from the trade journals.

I might have a hard time finding journals or magazines. * I think developing really detailed questions and being consistent will help. Also, I might have to contact trade organizations to ask for help. | * Goal 1| * I want to be more calm and relax when working hard| * I have to take a break and have some rest| * Myself and other employees| * I will start to be relax as soon as I start my job. | * Having more rest and study books and articles and going to some classes| * People who working with me don’t want to learn what they are doing and also they don’t want to know they are living in the country with the lots of rules. * Trying to teach them some lessons about working in the places that have some restricted rules| * Goal 2| * I want to be a active manager| * Studying hard in my MBA program and get more experience from other managers| * Myself and other managers and instructors| * I will start my program by September 1, 2012| * I need to go to more conferences and read more books and also asking question from experts.

| * There should be some problem like classes start later than expected. * Contacting with my counselor 2-3 times a week. | * Goal 3| * Have the habit of the taking the lead in most situation| * Practice being assertive by suggesting ideas and requesting to lead new project| * Myself and other persons with same ideas| * I really need to start working on meeting with classes and groups to improve my self| * Read books on communicating assertively and respectfully| * Sometimes there are some people don’t want to let me to take lead of people and they are jealous to find me active than others.. * Be active in work place and show them my skills to lead people and be successful in leading.

| * Goal 4| * | * | * | * | * | * | * | * ** *