Heart of a Samurai

Introduction The topic of The Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus is the one which gives an impression that the novel is about the Japan warriors, with swords, known to be dangerous (Margi, 2010). This is the main concept when one comprehends the theme. It provides a platform for a reader to expect fighting and training of samurai. Though, while reading the novel, a reader understands that there is the difference between the topic and the content.

The book is one of the most thrilling novels that are enjoyed by many people. The struggle and all challenges that the writer illustrates revolving around a boy are quite not expected by many readers. The dreams that the boy in the novel had are the lesson that people should strive to achieve. The writer chose a topic that is not well-linked to the content, moreover, the topic itself gives another meaning and associations. The events that happen are completely different from the impression that the title of the novel provides.

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This story is the one that portrays different themes, which should be applied in our lives. Some of these themes are dreams, courage, and friendship. Manjiro, the main character of this novel, portrays these themes in a very strong and magnificent way. Manjiro wantedto ease the tension that stood between the Japanese and the other western nations. His dream was to reconcile the two states and help them work together.

His dream is strengthened when he is finally able to understand the western culture. This aspect makes him more inspired as the culture of the west has various similarities like that belonging to Japan. His dream is the one which is accomplished after his return to Japan. Despite the harsh treatment he faces, the Japanese accept his dream and try to accomplish it. This dream gives him in a great force.

For example, many years that he stayed in America make him wish to get back home. This is achieved when he comes back to Japan.The other theme that is derived from this novel is courage. Courage is portrayed when the hero finally goes back to Japan after many years of foreign living. His knowledge of what would happen to him did not matter as he surpasses all to go back.

Regarding the rules set for anyone who returns to Japan, he comes back to his native country. Manjiro faces challenges, including torture and imprisonment, but does not lose his heart. His ability to learn various aspects of life, despite rejection and discrimination from the other students, portrays his courage. Learning to ride a horse is also another form of courageous deeds that he clinched. The other theme represented by this novel is friendship. This aspect makes the hero’s stay in two different countries a safe haven.

His friendship with the captain of the ship is brightly portrayed in the novel. Manjiro was able to understand what the captain wanted. This friendship is what made the captain teach Manjiro how to operate a ship. This friendship made Manjiro to be treated as a son of the captain. This fact reveals how Manjiro was determined.

The other aspect that portrays friendship is the desire to see Japan and America working together. This is showed in all Manjiro’s moves, and finally his dream is achieved. ConclusionThis book is the one which shows the aspirations of a young Japanese boy to be graceful and rewarding, despite a very rough road. The Heart of a Samurai should be read as it is a book that helps to drive the aspirations of the people to success. The novel is admitted by many readers as fascinating.

The book explains that aspirations and dreams are achievable, despite the problems people have to overcome. This is the feature that many people need to have in order to achieve their dreams. The Heart of a Samurai should be read by all people to feel the taste of a perfect writing.