Help Improve Own Team

How the conflict could be managed Speak to the voluntary TA and check that he is k after the incident regarding the other member of staff, Ensuring him to stay positive and remain calm. Ask him if he Mould wish to discuss the incident, with myself as a friend or with another member of staff he feel he can console with in. When discussing anything with the voluntary TA it’s important that I remain professional and reframing of saying anything nonprofessional toward the other member of staff.

If the class teacher has not overheard or been informed of the incident, she should be. Speak to the class teacher asking for a team meeting to try and resolve the conflict, without it going into higher ground of authority with in the setting. Setting up communication to listen to both side of the conflict within a team meeting with the class teacher, voluntary TA and the class TA including myself with I was within this team, communication may be enough to resolve this situation.

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If the situation was not resolved then it would need to be taken to the higher authority to be looked into under a breach of misconduct, human rights act or discrimination policy. Team building activity could be done on a regular based to enable the team to bond, helping everyone to feel an important part of the team. A box within the staff room could be put up, for other staff member to put any concerns or opinions anonymous about other colleagues.