Her Rise to Fame

Ten years ago at the Big Fish Talent Agency, an 8 year old girl came in with the dream of becoming an actress, coming out with a wish granted. Her name was AnnaSophia Robb. Let’s back it up to the day this all started, December 8, 1993. It was a big day for David and Janet Robb. They had just given birth to a little baby girl. She was named after her paternal grandmother Anna Maria and her maternal great-grandmother Anna Sophie.

She is an English, Scottish, Danish, Swedish, and Irish descent. She enjoys skiing, dancing, modeling, running, swimming, rafting, reading (her favorites are fantasy and historical fiction.), and singing. She says that she has always wanted to be an actress. She began her dream by performing at her church when she was five. When she was eight, she asked her parents if she could get an agent.

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They agreed and found the Big Fish Talent Agency. The company set her up to fly to Los Angeles to be auditioned for a McDonald’s commercial. She made it, and say’s she was so excited for her first L.A. job.

After that commercial, she moved on to bigger things. In 2004, she played Liza in the Drake and Josh episode, “Number One Fan”. Also in 2004, she played Samantha in the movie Samantha; An American Girl Holiday. She had to dye her hair for this role. Because of Winn Dixie (2005) is about a girl with no friends who finds a dog at the local market. She has said that ever since that movie, she has loved dogs (IMDb).

She has her own, a malti-poo (Maltese/Poodle) named Bella. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, she plays Violet Beauregard, a trouble making, gum chewing, girl who is turned into a blueberry. (Also in 2005) In the movie, she requested a scene where she ran up and Haggaillie Wonka. In 2005 she was the face for Trad clothing. She was also in 2007’s Bridge to Terabithia, where she played Leslie Burke, a young girl who dreams of things you couldn’t even imagine. For the movie’s soundtrack, she sang, “Keep Your Mind Wide Open” which was number 90 on Billboard Hot 100 during the week of March 1, 2007.

In 2007, she played Loren McConnell in the movie, The Reaping. In 2008, she was in the movie Jumper; the movie Spy school; and Have Dreams, Will Travel. Also 2008, she played Tara Reedy, an eleven year old girl who struggles to come to terms with her mother’s abandonment. In 2009, she played in Race to Witch Mountain where she was Sara, an alien who accompanied by her character’s brother Seth, try to get back their spaceship which has been taken by the government. In 2010, it was the movie The Space Between and in 2011, she played Bethany Hamilton who loses her arm due to a shark attack while surfing, but still manages to become a professional surfer. Based on a true story, this role won her the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress in a Drama.

This Colorado native came from a normal life to a famous star, and to think she’s only seventeen. Ten years ago, she was just an ordinary person like you or me.