Her Significant Role in My Life

The first time I met Lisa was back during my in 8th grade year in middle school. We were both at her school for Science Night. It was hard to pick out which long dark-chocolate hair girl she was.

She looked the same as all the other girls with that type of hairstyle, but there was something uniquely different about her that made her stand out like there was a bright spotlight on her. I couldn’t tell what it was at first glance, but when I approached her with full confidence, I quickly realized it was her nice friendly smile. Her smile was full of warmth and pure sincerity. From that one smile she gave me we became glue on paper close. Lisa is like a sister that I never and wish to have.

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The bright lemon-colored sun was shinning drastically on my back as I entered the school for Science Night. The halls were like a dessert empty and warm. I could hear a lot of commotion down at the Commons. I went down the stairs feeling lost as I looked for my friends in the huge crowd. “HEY!” someone yelled.

My head turned as quickly as a race car on a race track. I felt like I got whip-lash because I turned my head so fast. “HEY!” someone yelled again. I was eyeing every person who looked like they would be yelling hey. I finally saw my friends.

They were by a random stair case that I wouldn’t normally think they would be at. I made my way across the jungle of people. When I got there I stood their awkwardly because there was one person that I didn’t know, from my personality when I first meet someone I would be really shy. I had to burst that habit because I knew the only way I could make friends with her is act normally, like I knew her. We started making a conversation and she seemed like a real down to earth girl. Science Night was ending Lisa bravely asked for my number, and not feeling awkward at all.

I felt really awkward and all, but with her bubbling personality I felt like there was no harm done. From that awkward exchange of numbers, we had text each other none stop. I was amazed how close we’ve became. One dripping sweat day I was sitting outside, and I randomly get a text. I check who it was. It was Lisa.

Lisa had text me saying, “Hey!” “Hey, Whatsup?” I had text back saying. And our conversation was so long that it felt like it was forever and a half. She decided to say, “You know what your like to me?” “What?” I replied. “A sister!” She replied. “AWW. <3” I replied.

From that very moment everything shook and exploded and we started to call each other sis. That was one of the ways she expressed her bubbly personality to me. Later that year, school has started and everything. We still managed to get a hold of each other. Either by text or chat, but mainly through the device that isn’t allowed during class time.

Over winter break we decided to plan a day were a couple of friends and us would hang out. We deiced to contact them, and asked what they were doing this particular day. Our friends seemed like they weren’t doing much that day, so we decided all meet up. Once everybody was there I was doing kangaroo jumps and giving great big bear hugs to everyone. Once we all settled and decided that we should watch Blindside as the movie, we started walking in cold Downtown, Seattle. I could feel the coldness biting and seeping its way through my jacket as we walked around all the way to the movie theater.

We finally arrived at the movie theater, it felt like a whole month until we got to the theater because of all the stop signs. Everyone was so hyper and happy to enjoy the movie. I started to get teary, and Lisa kindly asked me, “What’s wrong sis?” I said, “It’s the movie. It’s so sad!” “Aww. You’re so funny, but its okay I was getting teary too.

Lets cry together!” She said. At that time I felt Lisa expressing her cheerfulness and understanding ways to me. It was January, and Winter Ball time. Lisa decided to go to West’s Winter Ball. Before we could buy the tickets we had to go on a mission. Our mission was to hunt for the principal, and to get his signature allowing her to attend West Seattle’s winter ball.

It was raining cats and dogs outside so, from the parking lot we ran all the way to the door. As we entered the small temporary building of Chief Seatlh, it was quiet, and seemed like no one was there to help us find the Principal. We collided with the office and entered it. It seemed like a haunted house because there was only one light on. “Uhm, excuse me.

Is Mr. Boyd here?” Lisa said with such a low, soft voice. “Yes? I believe he still is, but I think he‘s in a meeting right now.” the secretary said. “Ohh.

When will he be out?” Lisa answered. “Maybe around 4:30?” the secretary responded. “Oh. Alright, Thank You.” Lisa said. We walked out of the office hoping he was really in the meeting.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked Lisa with an impatient voice. “Wait!” Lisa said cheerfully. We walked around the temporary building looking to see if there was any people at the around the school. There was no one. It felt like a grave yard, and only sprits were there.

I was losing hope that we won’t be able to find him in time. “Maybe we should just come back tomorrow morning?” I said questionably. “No, we got this,” Lisa said not minding that we were like the only ones at her school. We decided to go outside and visit the portables that had people exercising. As we barged out the door we saw Mr.

Boyd running in short black shorts, bright white tennis shoes, and a electric blue jacket. We looked at each other like it was either do or die, and quickly ran like we were in a marathon up to him. Out of breath and breathing hard we frantically asked him to sign it. “OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much!” Lisa said out of breath. “Yes, thank you!” I said breathing hard.

We walked out feeling successful, and glad we waited. Lisa’s determination, belief, and positive ways of thinking had made us accomplish our goal right in time. “Aww. You’re so funny, but its okay I was getting teary too. Lets cry together!” That line is one of the best of myriad of lines she has said. This is why her bubbly, cheerful, dependable, understanding and determined personality made us best of friends and best of sisters.

She also has taught me how to see that world at a much more positive way, and to let nothing in this crazy world bring me down. She kept me grounded and played a significant role in making me a better person to myself, my friends, family members, and teachers.