HIPAA Case Study

According to the laws concerning HAIFA where it pertains to serving and protecting patients’ rights, HAIFA is put into place to protect patient rights by not allowing any medical professional to discuss a patients prognosis, symptoms or any other specifics regarding their care with another individual not directly involved with their case. Because of this, a patient’s identity and confidential information is kept that way. Violations are punishable by law.

HAIFA abstains an excessive influence continuously for the rights of patients’, every area concerned with the JUBBAH was affected the two employees. Their conversation unknowingly had an impact on the patients, as well as put their agency in a difficult situation. The outcome of their conversation could have caused the grandmother of the three children to inform others about the lack of confidentiality that the employee’s shows inside a public forum which could have the agency look upon negatively.

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Other individuals that deals with this agency could come aware and made to feel uncomfortable about giving up any information. From the outside looking in it would look as if any information received by the JUBBAH is at risk of not being fully secured, at that point trust between the two parties has been compromised. The actions that should be taken should be to suspend the two individuals, their actions were a direct violation of the code of ethics.

They need to know and understand that they have placed the agency in a serious predicament as well as lost the trust of one and possibly more patients and heir families.

As far as Jim goes he should’ve known better seeing that he’s been with the company much longer then Betty, it was is his responsibility to inform her that there are certain conversation that are to be left inside the office and that this one was not one to have in public. Furthermore because Jim is a “seasoned vet” in social work after 20 years he should know the code of ethics front to back so he should be suspended indefinitely without pay. Jim should have been more of a mentor to Betty instead of a gossiping friend.