Holocaust Kills

Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank is a diary by a young girl surviving life during the holocaust. Anne Frank is a thirteen year old girl who was born in Germany but once world war two started her family was forced to move to Holland o avoid being taken away. While in her home in Holland she heard a radio station say that at the end if the war they would collect stories Anne then decided that she would turn in her diary it consisted of normal teenage things like family problems and boys and school.

but then one day her family received a letter from the Nazi stating the Anne’s sixteen year old sister was being told to come the the holocaust camps. Her family had planned on a hiding place for the family to go just in case the family the family got a letter. Anne’s parents were trying hared to contain there feelings about what was going on. Once her family moves into the secret annex the second family that was planning on moving in, came. There is a boy that is Anne’s age and thinks of him as being childish. Anne’s family ended up staying in the Annex for two more years.

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Anne was fifteen when the war ended. Anne Frank chose to let everyone read everything that she has to say about the Holocaust. The way Anne tells her story with such intensity and curiosity it intrigues the reader, it leaves you wanting more. The way Anne writes with such maturity is amusing, but you can tell that what what is going on, you have to grow up fast. The way she describes what is going on with her family you can almost feel the pain that her family is feeling . You can imagine everything that is going on with the Franks.

She tells her story with so much emotion that the reader can feel what she is feeling. Anne Frank’s story is one of the most captivating story’s I have ever read with such vivid words that it draws you in and wanting more. I personally really enjoyed Anne Frank I found it to be one of the realist story’s I have ever read. Anne Frank stated in the story that ” still believe everyone is good at heart” after everything she knew about the Nazi she still was willing to believe that they are good at heart.