This has for a long time now been perceived as an authentic site that conserves a lot of memories especially on what happened some years back. This site which was initially a concentration camp consists of two major parts, the Auschwitz one- Monowitz and Auschwitz two or Birkenau. To learn more about this place one is expected to take a minimal of four hours with an informed tour guide who will explain in details about the occurrence of this tourist attraction site.

The history of this museum revolves around the first polish captives who were held in this region by Germanys as prisoners. From the onset of the 1942 spring, Auschwitz was renowned as one of the largest camp where thousands of Jewish captives captured by Nazis were brought to be killed. Simply said, it was a Jewish extermination center. Statistics and research indicate that approximately 1.1 million men, women and children were murdered at this scene. As mentioned above, the Auschwitz was made up of two parts, it is indicated that one part served as the killing point while the other acted as a center for forced labor and a centre for incarcerating prisoners.

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The Auschwitz was one of the three largest camps set up by the Nazis. The Auschwitz one which was the main concentration camp was built in 1940 in one of the polish abandoned military barracks; prisoners were forced to constantly enlarge the boundaries of this camp. The camp was expanded by approximately 40 sq kilometers in its first year of existence. This museum has proved to be a very important educational material as it is able to provide first hand information to enthusiastic learners about the unfolding events that took place here many decades ago. For instance, the tragedy that took place in this place is an unforgettable experience to learners and it can show how sometimes man who was created to be a keeper of his brother can loose track and do things that are unexplainable. Similarly, thee presence of the museum presents us with the reasons as to why we should embrace peace and never to go to war due to the vexing problems that arises from war.