Homeschooling: Yes, No, Maybe So?

I’ve never been against homeschooling. Having been raised in a home where all five children were homeschooled, I’m quite in favor of it. Most arguments against homeschooling complain that children who are homeschooled don’t have the same social functionality, or educational opportunities as public schooled kids. My reply to that is that homeschooled children don’t have any less opportunities for socialization than other kids. Each child is different, and a shy or bashful child is more likely to be singled out as an example if he is homeschooled.

Meaning, in reality there is a proportionate number of reserved children in public school classrooms. Concerning educational opportunities, it’s easy to argue against that. All of the children in my family entered the job/college world at the age of 16, putting us well ahead of our peers. Homeschooling offers more flexibility than traditional schooling, because you are not expected or required to graduate around the age of 18. In my college studies, I’ve met other homeschooled people, or someone who is related to a homeschooler. They all had associate degrees by the time they were 19.

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Some had four year degrees by that age. By homeschooling, a child has the chance to enter the college world when they feel ready; which could be at 14, or could be at 18; that chance is not offered to public schooled children. Don’t think that I’m totally against public schooling, I believe that some kids are better off in public school, and some are better in homeschool. In my opinion, each child is very different, and we unfortunately live in a world where kids who are different can’t learn at their own pace. That’s why I love homeschooling; flexibility, and a customized education.