Homosexuality in the Society

Homosexuality has become a very controversial issue in the past few months. Homosexuality has been defined as sexual behavior, attraction and intimacy among people of the same sex more so people of the male gender. It has to do with experience on sexual, romantic and affection attraction.People in the society have two argue about homosexuality in two ways.

There are people who look at homosexuality as aberration. That it is a disorder which is a pathological behavior. To them homosexuality is a condition that should be treated and not allowed in the society.There is another opposing group of people that see homosexuality as a normal deviation in the human condition. They say that it is determined before birth and that it is natural and normal for those that are thus oriented.

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These people argue that because homosexuality is inborn and a natural activity then it should be allowed in the society. These two opposing sides have had a major fight as to whether the condition should be allowed by the society or not. Homosexuality should not be allowed at all costs.This paper explores the arguments that touch on the issue regarding homosexuality and the reasons as to why the behavior should not be allowed into the society.Although some people have been arguing that homosexuality is a normal occurrence and behavior within the human being family, it has not been medically, scientifically or religiously proven. This makes the claim more false than true and therefore the behavior should not be allowed.

Their argument is philosophical and has no proof whatsoever. Homosexuality has been linked with modernization where people want to explore new things (DeYoung, 2000).Homosexuality puts those individuals at risk of contracting and spreading dangerous sexually transmitted diseases for instance HIV/AIDS. The homosexuals engage both in homosexuality and heterosexual relations because they want to get pleasure and children at the same time. In the event that they contract HIV/AIDS from one partner they put the other partner at risk of contracting the disease and should not allowed at all.

This is because homosexuals have been found to be at a higher danger of contracting HIV/AIDS than heterosexuals (Clinard and Meier, 2007).Homosexuality is not part of any religious group in the world and all religious groups have no place for them because they encourage sex relations only for married people and for procreation purposes. However, homosexuality, engage in sexual relations without getting married and also not for procreating purposes meaning that those relationships have no base and should be banned for ever.Homosexuality puts many people under psychological torture. The parents of an individual who is a homosexual suffer so much when they get to know the relationship their son is in.

This is because the society does not encourage this and the family members of homosexuals are considered as outcasts by the society (Stewart, 2003).Most people in the society who argue for homosexuality and participate in it are positive about it more on the sexual attachment and satisfaction that they obtain from it. They actually know that the practice cannot bear them children nor fulfill their emotional need. In fact this is why those who practice homosexuality do not have long-term relationships. Relationships do not have to do with sexual relations alone because here people are taken as sex objects instead of people with emotions and feelings. Thus relationships that hurt many people like homosexual relations should not be condoned in the society (LaFollette, 2002).

Homosexuality acts against the purpose of creation to those who are religious and evolution to those who are scientific. For both the religious believers and the evolutionists, man and woman were created because of a reason. They were created or they evolved in order to complement each other. People are supposed to engage in different-sex relationships and not vise versa. Thus homosexuality goes against the rule and forces of nature and they should not be justified in any way.People in homosexual relationships engage in anal sex.

Anal sex is a common practice among the gay people. This practice causes serious physical injuries because it destroys internal tissues and weakens the anal sphincter resulting to serious medical issues. This practice makes people lose a lot of money treating something that could have been avoided.People in homosexual relationships cannot have children except only if they look for partners who are not of their sex. Thus these relationships do not contribute in any way in providing for the society’s next generations. Homosexuality does not help the society in a single way and thus the society should not let it continue because it does not add to its advantage in any manner.

Instead it results to problems and financial commitments that could be avoided if homosexuality is not allowed in the society (Ekwo, 2010).Those who argue in support of homosexuality state that homosexuality should be let to go on because it is an issue that affects individuals and their own decisions. However much this may be true, the prates does not happen to the individuals’ own world but a world not purposed for that practice. Thus if allowed the society is at risk of getting more people into the mess especially young boys who like to experiment.Homosexuality does not benefit the society in any way but instead makes it spent unnecessary time and money to deal with homosexual related issues. The practice provides the individuals who engage in it with shorter fulfillment that does not make them better human beings.

Thus homosexual should not be allowed at all because the threats it posses are many than the advantages it has.