How Do You Like to Learn?

How can we stay up and learn when our environment is just too perfect for sleep? Education is valuable. If you want to be successful in life, education is the only thing that can get you there.

But a less than stellar environment can make learning all the more difficult. I asked Mark G. what the best way for him to learn is. He said “the best way is when a teacher is energetic and doesn’t just sit back, give packets, and expect the students to learn for themselves.” While many students prefer a mundane teacher – because it’s easier for them to slack off – this hurts them in the long run. It also prevents the students that actually want to learn from working to their full potential.

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If the students don’t feel a connection with teacher’s discussion, the student won’t feel comfortable asking questions. An article by Grant Wiggins stated “I learn best when the teacher has us do work hands-on and with more discussions. They need to be more interested what they’re teaching and encourage class discussion. This motivates us to be interested in what we’re learning and work harder”. With this being said, what kind of environment do you feel is best for us students to learn in? What can they do to ensure that we’re placed in a learning environment that’s comfortable and nurturingto us?