How Pop Culture Can Helo Save Our World

Popular culture has always had a tremendous impact on society. From fashion to music to literature to films to even ethical and moral matters, the influence of pop culture is evident. All of our inner thoughts and beliefs, behaviors, and desires are affected by what is portrayed in pop culture.

For that reason, the makers of pop culture, —the musicians, actors, actresses, filmmakers, authors, television executives, the media, and more, have significant power over the masses that absorb their productions. However they choose to utilize this power is ultimately their decision. With great power, comes great responsibility. Musicians, actors, actresses, filmmakers, authors, television executives, the media, and more are no exception to this. Many believe that those who control pop culture have an ethical obligation to make a positive impact on society.

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The makers of pop culture have an amazingly wide platform unlike any other, where they have the ability to reach millions through whichever medium they choose. They can have a positive impact on so many by spreading positive messages, raising awareness on a particular issue, educating people, and so much more. Currently, it cannot be said that the creators of pop culture in the US are not fulfilling their moral obligation to positively impact people. Films and television sensationalize drugs and alcohol. Although some celebrities use their power to bring light to certain issues and help charities, many do not, and instead set a poor role model for their followers by making bad choices. The “journalists” of today focus on writing over shallow, unimportant topics revolving around celebrities instead of focusing on real world issues at hand.

Why do the makers of pop culture do these things instead of benefitting their following? In order to make money. The makers of pop culture choose tried-and-true topics that are knowingly well-received by consumers. Consumers often want an outlet from their daily lives, an outlet consisting of juicy fabricated drama or light-hearted entertainment, and not an educational or serious piece. The makers of pop culture currently focus on these menial topics to please their consumers and consequently for monetary gain. However, producers can still make pieces that benefit the public desirable to watch.

The producers of pop culture have amazing, tremendous social power unlike any other. Their influence over society is simply remarkable. However, currently they are not using it to benefit society. Much, much more could be done in order to spread positivity and educate the masses, instead of promoting unhealthy messages. With their massive platform and power, pop culture creators have a moral responsibility to improve our society, and we as consumers can change what they produce for us.

If consumers start demanding to be educated, and to be shown positive influences, then producers will be obligated to do so in order to profit.