How to Write a Case Study in Strategic Management

When you need to analyze a business strategy of the definite company, you should express the results of your work in a well-formatted case study. Strategic management is a very broad and interesting field for research. You will have to analyze your topic in detail and observe the strategy of a company from different sides.

Moreover, you ought to learn how to compose your case study correctly. Below you will find the simplest strategic management case study writing tips, which will help you cope with this challenge successfully.

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  1. Define the Topic and the Style of Your Case Study. If you want to complete a well-analyzed case study in strategic management, you will have to brainstorm the best topic for the research. Doubtless, your topic should be relevant, useful and interesting.

    Therefore, choose the most popular companies for the detailed analysis. On the other hand, you can find the original firm, which has its own approach towards management. Then, you ought to think about the implementation of your case study. You ought to collect information about the chosen firm or corporation. When you cannot find the required facts and evidence about your topic, you cannot complete your case study effectively. Consequently, choose the most suitable company for the research.

  2. Collect Information about the Company. You should define the problem of your analysis in order to understand what you want to achieve. Next, you can go to the library and find a few articles about the suggested company and its strategic management. Get to know about the production of its goods and services, the ways of the promotion of its products and its position on the market. Learn about the human resource management and customer loyalty.

    What is the priority of the company’s development? In what way does it want to reach its goal? What products are supposed to be the leading ones? Pay attention to these simple questions and think whether you can answer them. Furthermore, you can utilize another method of research. You can use the method of interview. Your teacher will definitely appreciate this decision, because you obtain the entire information directly from the representative of the chosen company.

  3. Analyze the Existing Problem. Many case study papers are based on the simple description of a company’ strategic management.

    You can choose a challenging but a more rewarding approach. You can analyze the strategy of the chosen company and find a problem there. You will have to take efforts to understand the background information about the cause of this problem and its effect on the management of the company. It does not worth mentioning that you will have to gather information about the company and its problem. You will need to analyze the cause and effect of this problem objectively to be able to solve this problem professionally.

    If you manage to suggest the best solution, your teacher will surely reward you with the best mark. On the other hand, you can evaluate the company’s solution and share your point of view about its usefulness.

  4. Finalize the Case. When you have analyzed the entire case, you should share your final thoughts about it. Say whether you have found the case interesting and thought-provoking.

    What do you think about the resolution of the problem in the chosen company? Will this proposed solution help it improve its strategic management? Have you ever read about the similar cases in scientific literature? Write about the difficult aspects of strategic management case study writing.

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