Hsm Personal Leadership Plan

HSM Personal Leadership Plan December 5, 2010 Carmen Davis HSM 230 HSM Personal Leadership Plan Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

(Wikipedia, 2010). ” Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. Leadership is about vision, principle and integrity. Self would define it as a power to motivate others through your words and deeds. And Ethical leadership is ethically motivating others in ethical directions.It’s knowing your core values and having the courage to live them in service of the common good.

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Human Services is a very sensitive field where ethics are of great importance. We would expect to find issues associated with ethical decisions in Human Services. Taking it seriously is to treat people influenced by their decision with the dignity and respect they are due. Best results can be produced because a broad range of inputs has been considered. Humans are most important and treating them with respect and dignity is the essence of Human Services.Knowledge and Courage are the two most important ingredients of Ethical leadership.

Another important pillar of this building is the imagination. Lack of imagination stops you from looking beyond the usual confines of an issue. The ultimate goal of a leader is always recognition and fame but of an ethical leader is the Respect in the hearts of the people. The type of leadership job self strive to have after self graduate from University of Phoenix is working at the Illinois Department of Family Service as a Psychologist. Self choose this job because self want to work with children that have neglected or abused. elf will prefer to work as a Counseling Psychologist self will advise children on how to deal with problems of everyday living, including problems in the home, or community, to help improve their quality of life.

They foster well-being by promoting good mental health and preventing mental, physical, and social disorders. They work in settings such as schools or crisis counseling centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and individual or group practices. The moral vision or road map that would guide self as a human service leader would be from, The Bible.The Bible teaching is the best moral road map you can get, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” (Bible. com, 2010), you can’t get any better than that. Do everything on this basis, treat people the way you would want to be treated and you will be a great leader.

Self will also use the moral road map that self was taught from childhood is to treat others they way you would want to be treated. If you believe in something one should fight for it. One should make others aware of what one is fighting for and why one is fighting. I believe that these roadmap and vision is the foundation to a great future.When working with individuals that have been neglected or abused.

Self feel that it would be my duty to keep all of their personal and private information a secret. It would be my obligation to make sure that they felt comfortable enough to come back to my facility to continue their care. Knowing that we have their best interest at heart and we will do what we can to protect them and help them. Self would expect that all individuals that work for our company would take pride in knowing that are helping the people that are seeking their help. As a leader, self plan to show my employees what self plan to accomplish.That would be that self am a fair, ethical, and moral individual.

A person that takes self responsibility very seriously, that would like to serve and protect all individuals that come to me or my facility for help. As a leader, self will follow laws that are set for our company, and the state, self will keep all information confidential, and report any information that would be harmful to the individual that I am obligated to report.References Zaccaro, S. J. (2007). Trait-based perspectives of leadership.

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