Huckleberry Plucked?

Imagine it, a school community unknown to the novel of perpetual humor which similarly depicts the “Individual vs.

Society” complex of humanity. A travesty it would be worded by professors of English; a calamity it would be foretold by teachers. The novel would thus be unknown to death, nor known to life. Alas, this unknowing is also a concern of this school community. The favors of war are tiding upon the destruction of Huckleberry from our “lofty” shelves.

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Reasons being of pseudo-logic, the community sought to dive into this endless abyss of outright stupidity. Either our school community is delirious, or I’m speaking in Jim-like dialect. Let’s embrace it; removing Huck Finn from our reading lists/ shelves is quite clearly a plausible and un-heedless choice of action for an institution such as a school system whose primary objective is to educate its attendees. Surely the reason of educating, is solely for the practicality of educating, correct? We should absolutely devoid ourselves from the miniscule shred of amusement/humor that our reading lists/ shelves have yet to offer. Why sought humor when one can simply have an utter dearth of wit? Why read for the sake of reading in all? Why, this is the sole reason beach-trash contemporaries such as Twilight exists right? Critics suggest that Huck Finn entitles itself to a “supposed racist nature.” Supposed.

Because clearly, the subject of slavery is still heated upon debate in today’s society. “Clearly, Twain used his writing to work through issues of race for himself and his society”. Because clearly, Mark Twain did not endeavor to adapt the dialect of that time in order to establish a believable setting. Because clearly, this novel is explicitly stated by all literary means. By all means, “[Huck Finn] is one of the most difficult novels in American Fiction.

” Jim entirely doesn’t serve to be the medium of which the slavery of society wrought its intangible chains upon, for which our individual Huck, hopes to break. All-in-all, Huck Finn is logically a benefactor of our “chuckling whims”, one that proves to illuminate the themes of individual vs. society, slavery vs. racism, and simply the humor of life.