Hugging Isn't A Crime!

Hugging Isn’t A Crime! By Nigel W. Some of the most strict school rules can also be the most annoying ones. Students all over the United States are getting pounded with enforcement to stop PDA. Just a few weeks ago, I got in trouble for hugging a girl who happens to be my girlfriend and we got kicked out of the school dance for it. Some forms of PDA are out of the question, but the little things like a hug or a quick kiss should be allowed in school no doubt. You probably have already been hearing a lot about the controversies about whether schools should allow some forms of PDA or just get rid of everything totally.

Hugging, holding hands in the hallways, or even just a quick peck on the cheek should be allowed in school. Kids are just trying to show each other that they care about one another. If we take that away from students now, what will we be teaching our children in the future? That affection is wrong? If we teach them that, then we are only hurting them in the future to be successful sane people without psychological issues. We as a school need to teach students that it is okay to want to hug each other and hold hands. I’m sure that most students know the boundaries, and if you are willing to give them some leeway I am sure they are willing to stay within those boundaries.

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It has been proven that the reason most teenagers misbehave and don’t follow the rules is because you’re telling them specifically what not to do, so they think they’re acting cool by disobeying what you said. If those kids were given some freedom on the subject then it wouldn’t have the same effect because kids would feel differently about the subject and they wouldn’t have to be getting in trouble for it. Kids are getting in trouble all over the U.S because of the no hugging rule. Cazz Altomare got two detentions because she hugged two of her friends in the hallways of her school. Her mom was outraged and this is what she had to say about it: “I’m trying to understand what’s wrong with a hug.

” This is something kids shouldn’t have to worry about in our school. Hugging is a display of affection that you care for someone. It shouldn’t be banned from the kids. Some kids hug others because they are having a bad day and some kids hug others because they are greeting someone by giving them a hug. There is nothing wrong with giving hugs or holding hands and maybe not even a little kiss on their way to class.

It is not harming anyone and nobody cares what other people do. All I am asking is that you let the kids hug and hold hands in school. There is nothing wrong with a hug, and if you think otherwise, ask yourself this: If it’s okay for me to be able to hug my childProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 n public then why is it not allowed in schools?