I Want Answers

My question is why do people say that cats have nine lives? Why are gumballs hollow in the middle? Why don’t humans have tails? After searching on Google for quite a while, I believe I may or may not have found the answers to these questions. My first question was why do people say that cats have nine lives? Well, people say that they have nine lives because they can fall from really high places and escape with little to no injuries. They tend to be able to land on their feet and sustain things that humans can’t. My next question was why are gumballs hollow in the middle? That really irks me. You’re chewing a gumball and you expect to have your mouth full of awesomeness but instead you just get this hollow feeling.

..literally. I found the answer, though! It’s to reduce the manufacturing cost. It takes up too much gum to fill it, apparently. Always, they’re easier to bite into since they’re hollow.

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My last question was kind of weird, I know. Why don’t humans have tails? You can answer with something like “Because that’s the way God made them!” but I want a smart nerdy science answer like there tailbone can’t withstand it or something. Several people say that we don’t have them because we just don’t need them. It’s extremely rare, but some humans have been documented being born with tails. I think it would be fun, although strange. It would be very, very strange.