ICICI Bank Case Study

Case Study on ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank is the company which provides financial and banking services in India and is supposed to be the second biggest bank in the country. Naturally, the bank serves for millions of clients of all kinds, for the physical and corporate customers providing them with all possible types of service.ICICI Bank works not only in India but also in other 19 countries what makes it a firm international banking company which is able to compete on the market. Being one of the Big Four banks of India of India, the company has a wide range of branches all over the world (the UK, Arab Emirates, the USA, China, Canada, etc) and their number is nearly 4000. Moreover, the bank offers their clients to use automated more than 11 000 teller machines for withdraw cash and fulfill other operations.

ICICI Bank was established in 1994, so it can not boast of the long and captive history, though its success can not be overestimated, because very soon the bank occupied the leading positions in banking sphere in India and joined the international market. In 1998 ICICI launched its online banking service which improved the quality of the services considerably following the example of the banks in the developed countries. It does not worth mentioning that the bank faced many risks during the crisis of 2008 when millions of clients started to withdraw the cash supposed that the company is close to bankrupting. Fortunately, the problem was solved rapidly and the bank continues working successfully and increasing its positions on the market in India.The young person is able to learn more about ICICI Bank if she reads reliable sources on it and dwells on the quality articles which illustrate the character of the bank’s services, functions, structure, position in the national and international banking sector.

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The case on ICICI Bank is most often related with the advantages of disadvantages of the bank, its failures and success on the market and the student is supposed to evaluate the matter in detail learning about the cause and effect of the problem which has occurred with ICICI. The student’s duty is to solve the suggested case well and demonstrate his knowledge to the professor on the proper organization of banking services on the example of ICICI.It is quite difficult to complete a worthy case study, because the student requires knowledge and skills for the right organization of the text. It is natural that one can observe the format and structure of the free example case study on ICICI Bank written online and improve his chances to succeed in the assignment. The young person can construct a well-formatted paper reading a free sample case study on ICICI Bank which would be a useful piece of help for the inexperienced students.